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The textbook "Clinical evaluation of laboratory results"

No need to be an expert to understand how important a blood test for an accurate diagnosis in case of illness. Clinical examination blood doctor prescribed at least once to everyone living on Earth, as it is almost the most important diagnostic method that accurately reflects the reaction of the components of blood on the influence on the organism of various factors – both pathological and physiological.

Under the "General clinical blood study" refers to determining the concentration and quantity of its individual components: hemoglobin, leukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets, reticulocytes, and others. Important indicators such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate, leukocyte formula, color index, clotting time. Most studies are performed by automated Hematology analyzers, simultaneously determining up to 24 parameters.

This book introduces the research results of the fluids composing the human body. The reader will be able to compare the data analyses in norm and at pathologies. All figures presented in the tables. The manual will be of interest primarily for laboratory staff and physicians with multiple specializations.

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