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The four-volume "the Rapid recovery of men's health"

The proposed kit consists of 4 books, United by a common idea of the struggle with the insidious disease that affects a lot of modern men - prostatitis. Authors of publications – O. Eliseeva and G. Sytin - have different views on this issue: from the point of view of a doctor of traditional medicine and the author of the unique method of recovery of physical and spiritual States of man with creative thoughts.

Eliseev describes in detail the symptoms and course of the disease and also describes effective methods of struggle, by showing that the prostatitis difficult to diagnose and are not easy to treat. The book contains a lot of useful information about other diseases, latent infections, prostate adenoma, stones and cysts of the prostate, sexual disorders, male infertility.

The works of G. Sytin is interesting because he despises them for keeping youth of all human body systems, including reproductive. He not only talks about the possibility to stay young, but knows how to do it. It is noteworthy that at the age of 75, his body is in all respects consistent with the body of a 30-40 year old men!

The authors address their work to a wide range of readers and professionals.

The kit is available for purchase in the online store "Ozone".