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Atlas Dermatology and venereology in moulages"

Atlas Dermatology and venereology in moulages" equipped with more than three hundred color photographs. They were sealed models, which are the exhibits of the unique collection. The collection belongs to the clinic and has a total of 1299 exhibits. To their production, have a direct relationship artists molarity Thebes were representatives of the famous dynasty.

Science has long used models as a valuable educational tool. They are also indispensable in the development of future professionals in the subject of "Skin and venereal disease". The only thing that makes it hard for them to compete is the living nature.

In the Atlas you can find models for all occasions, representing both common and quite rare dermatoses. They were observed by the specialists of the clinic during the entire 100-year history of its activities. Each illustration is accompanied by explanatory text in three languages simultaneously – English, Latin and Russian. Most contain the indication of the year create fake and author.

Before the main sections of the Atlas posted essays telling the story of fake Museum and the medical Department. The authors of the Atlas are sure that their child will be widely used as a diagnostic tool for the specialists of practical public health, scientific and educational institutions. It can be recommended to clinicians from various professions and students. An instance can be purchased in the shop "Ozone".