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The book "Man and his health"

The main goal sought by every man, regardless of social status, is to keep youth and health, including men's, to old age. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid problems in the activity of the prostate gland, which, not without reason, is often referred to as the "second man's heart".

The failure of this organ affects the overall quality of life, leading to problems of an intimate nature, which often leads to psychological injuries and even the breakup of the family. The culprit for such diagnoses as urination disorder, enlarged prostate gland, violation of potency and other insidious diseases, encroached on the stability of the male genitals, is prostatitis. Statistics only confirms the statement about the wide spread of the disease; the incidence rate of prostatitis is 70%.

New book urologist, doctor of the highest category L. G. round wood will open readers ' eyes to the causes and consequences of prostatitis. It contains detailed information about effective remedies, the action of which is aimed at the whole complex of male problems. If desired, actual and potential patients will be able to use techniques to recover the lost prostate health and return to normal life.

The book will interest primarily to men concerned about their health, and specialists.

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