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The value of condoms for HIV-positive women

Значение презервативов для ВИЧ-положительной женщины

In case of positive result of HIV testing do not need to hide, avoid medical examinations and manipulations to hide their status. Timely initiation of antiretroviral therapy under medical supervision allows you to live happily in marriage, give birth to a healthy child and raise it.

However, HIV-positive women will have to follow a few rules for the safety of their family members.

  1. The inability to be a donor, that is, a woman is not allowed to provide blood and its components, tissue, organs for transplant.
  2. Preferably the use of condoms during sexual intercourse, this will ensure that the second partner (negative and positive) and the control of conception.
  3. Pregnancy in HIV-positive is not contraindicated, just in case you want a more thorough pregravid preparation and control over the concentration of virus in the blood.
  4. The family needs to be careful monitoring of personal care products, such as scissors, nail files for manicure, razors, etc.
  5. Regular checkups and doctor consultations for all family members, clinical examination must include laboratory tests for HIV and determination of viral load.

A woman outside of marriage it is necessary to limit the number of sexual partners to reduce the risk of mutual infection, the optimal method of contraception in this case – a condom. Sexual partner should be aware of the status in advance. Otherwise there are no restrictions for a full, happy and, most importantly, long life. Don't be afraid to promptly seek medical care!