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The value of condoms for HIV-positive couples

Значение презервативов для ВИЧ-положительной пары

In the recent years often discussed the question of the possibility of reinfection of HIV unprotected sex in HIV-positive persons. This phenomenon has been erected recently and is currently still being studied.

There are indications that infection with a different strain of the virus could worsen the disease, increases the viral load, contributes to the development of resistance of the virus to antiretroviral drugs. According to preliminary estimates the risk of reinfection is about 5%, though scientific data is lacking.

However, it should be remembered that condoms prevent infection with not only HIV, but other STDs, such as genital herpes, chlamydia, etc. it Should be remembered that any infectious disease in HIV-positive occur in a more severe form and often have complications.

From this point of view, the use of barrier contraception is an important preventive elements in the preservation of health and quality of life in patients with HIV.

These are the main two reasons why doctors, recommend that HIV-positive couple to use condoms.

In addition, we note that in individuals receiving antiretroviral therapy and adequately react to it decrease in viral load tested for other STDs and do not have additional risk factors (regular partners and a commitment to monogamy), similar issues are not so relevant.