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Ways of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)

инфографика вич - пути заражения

Offered to readers ' attention infographic aims to highlight the ways and modes of transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (hereinafter HIV) within the population.

Over time changing statistical data indicating the role of a particular method of transmission. Currently, the fight for first place occurs between the use of non-sterile syringes through drug abuse and unprotected sex acts. The role of the latter has grown substantially over the years.

Thus, the main route of human infection is from unprotected sex with random acquaintances. The only way to protect in this case – a condom. The probability to get infected is not 100%, but after such cases the partner should pass examination in any medical center.

In second place – use of sterile syringes for intravenous infusion of drugs, lack of processing tools for manicure, pedicure, piercing, tattoos.

Of great importance is the transmission of HIV from infected mothers not receiving antiretroviral therapy. The probability of infection in this case, one of the largest, up to 50%.

Rare cases of infection associated with transmission through transfusion of contaminated blood components and transplants, contact medical staff with surgical and injection tools after AIDS patients.

In addition, it should be remembered that breast milk also contains HIV in sufficient concentration infection.