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Prevention of cystitis

инфографика профилактика цистита

Cystitis is a disease, which, according to statistics suffers every second woman. Men get sick less often, which is easily explained by anatomic and physiological features of the male and female body.Of great importance is the prevention of cystitis, both individual and public health. To maintain your health and reduce the risk of chronic inflammatory process will help the following activities:

  1. Monitoring and timely treatment of inflammatory diseases (vaginitis, cervicitis, etc.), STD.
  2. Post-coital prophylaxis with antiseptic, candles, the use of a condom.
  3. Monogamy and commitment to one partner, the non-accidental relations, non-traditional types of sex,
  4. Adequate physical activity, prevention of stagnation in the pelvic cavity, the rejection of sedentary work.
  5. A balanced diet with consumption of vegetables and fruits in fresh and processed form. Exclusion from the diet of semi-finished products, smoked products, marinades, spices, carbonated drinks, coffee, and alcohol. All these foods contribute to mucous membrane irritation, which could aggravate the course of acute cystitis and aggravate chronic process.
  6. Timely treatment of SARS and bacterial infections of other localizations.
  7. Hardening of the body, the rational choice of clothing is "in season".
  8. The rejection of dense, tight garments and underwear (jeans, shorts, thongs). Preference is given to cotton products linen group.
  9. Drinking regime – drink pure water, herbal teas, fruit drinks and compotes helps to dilute the urine and reduce its irritating properties.