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Labially herpes

инфографика герпес

Labially herpes is one of the most common forms of herpes infection caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 1. The above illustration reflects the sequence of clinical manifestations of this disease.

These symptoms are found in almost every person with HSV type 1 in a population infected with about 90% of adults and 75% children under the age of 15. The virus remains in human body for life, can be transmitted during intercourse, and provoke a genital rash.

In this regard, before medicine acute question of the potential danger of infection. Who and when treatment is necessary, who should be afraid of complications?

The average person with a normal immune system having not more than 3 exacerbations (periods of eruption) you can not worry about this. It is sufficient to observe safety precautions in relation to relatives and friends, to avoid kissing, orogenitalnyh unprotected sexual contacts, use of in acute individual items of crockery, to observe personal hygiene.

HSV type 1 most dangerous to persons with proven immunodeficiency (diabetes mellitus, HIV, receiving cytotoxic drugs, corticosteroids, etc.) and a newborn. It is in these categories of the population, the virus can cause encephalitis, keratitis, necrosis of the retina, sepsis, severe skin lesions and nervous system.