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Erectile dysfunction in men

правда об эректильной дисфункции

Erectile dysfunction in men is one of the most sensitive issues, often with unpleasant symptoms occur, the patient recognizes the presence of difficulty, runs away from him.

Despite the fact that the most common causes are psychological discomfort, nervousness, stress and depression, diseases of the endocrine and vascular systems, the lack of androgens, men tend to look for abnormalities in the reproductive system (prostatitis, STDs, etc.).

How to determine the presence of symptoms of this disease? To do this, try to pass a test on our site to assess the presence or absence of clinical manifestations of erectile dysfunction. It's possible the test will help to overcome the embarrassment, self-consciousness and will force You to go to the doctor.

It is important to remember that timely initiation of treatment will save many problems, will help improve the quality of life. Unfortunately, statistics show that men do not give such violations a large value, only 20-30% when symptoms find the strength to overcome the inconvenience, the shyness and seek medical help.