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Also shows that ultrasound of the bladder in women and men?

For the diagnosis of various pathologies prescribe ultrasound examination bodies. Ultrasound of the bladder - the procedure is safe and absolutely painless. It allows you to get complete information about the urinary organ. The survey has no age contraindications, it can carry newborns and the elderly. In order to pass ultrasonic diagnostics, the patient is required to prepare and adhere to certain rules. Consultation and recommendation provides the urologist the day before the survey.

What is the research?

Ultrasound test of the urinary body is required in cases where the preliminary diagnosis of the disease or the symptoms:

  1. Urination accompanied by pain in the abdomen. This can be a signal of the organism to the poor performance of the bladder in cystitis, tumors or urolithiasis with stones.
  2. Haematuria (urine with blood). Typical signs is the burning sensation in the urinary organ and the urethra, the urine acquires a bright scarlet hue. If you have these symptoms, in addition to ultrasound, to make a General clinical analysis of urine and diagnose kidney. Hematuria may be the result of kidney stone disease, diseases of the genitourinary system or to accompany the neoplastic process.
  3. Sometimes there is a feeling that urination occurs partially, the bladder is not completely emptied. These symptoms appear in case of prostate adenoma in men, or indicates the presence of diseases of the pelvic organs, tumors or foreign bodies in the urinary organ.
  4. General clinical urine analysis gave negative results with all sorts of deviations from the norm: the presence of protein and bacteria, high levels of leucocytes and cylinders.

УЗИ трансвагинальным датчиком

In the day with the scheduled ultrasound, the preparation of the study include:

  1. For 1-1,5 hours the patient should drink about 1 liter or more of liquid without gas. Then it is forbidden to do urinating until the procedure is complete the ultrasound. As is known, the examination occurs when a full bladder. It allows to accurately determine its shape, contours and various features. If the person suffers from urinary incontinence, the filling body can be carried out by means of a catheter. Sometimes it is allowed to partially urination with subsequent taking 2-3 glasses of fluid.
  2. You can do without taking large amounts of fluid before the procedure if the bladder is filled naturally. Then all that is required from the patient, to refrain fromurination about 3-4 hours. This method is particularly convenient, if the ultrasonic diagnostics on scheduled for the morning. Just enough not to pee after waking up.

Some modern clinical centres is recommended in the morning, the day of the survey, taken on an empty stomach with 30 ml of castor oil.

The accuracy of the results can distort the gassy intestines. Therefore, people suffering from constipation, flatulence and bloating, it is recommended to adhere within a few days of specialized diet and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

In medical practice used in the method of filling the bladder with diuretic drugs. However, be aware that this method is strictly not suitable for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The validity and accuracy of obtained data be high, if the patients before doing an ultrasound of the bladder, will comply with all recommendations.