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Indications, contraindications and techniques of ureteroscopy in men

Currently, medicine is so advanced that this is not a very pleasant procedure known as urethroscopy men spend quite rarely. However, in some cases, without it can not do. Study of the urethra with ureteroscope is assigned to determine the pathological process at an early stage of development. This procedure shows accurate results and detects inflammation, injury, tumors. If the doctor insists on such examination, it is necessary to pass it. The sooner you find a problem, the sooner it will be possible to get rid of it.

Types and methods ureteroscopy

There are two main types ureteroscopy: the back and front. The back form is prescribed for the study of the entire urethra. Using the front view you can see only the front part of the urethra. Depending on the complaints, symptoms the doctor prescribes the. of a certain type.

There are also several types of devices. There is a urethroscope with Central lighting. Its action is based on the light of a special lamp. The second type is the irrigation urethroscope. Each of the devices has its advantages. Of one to use in a specific case decides the doctor who conducts the procedure.

Problems with the urethra are observed not only among males but also among women. Anatomically the female urethra has other dimensions. It is wider and shorter, so the ureteroscope to distinguish between more and by gender. The device for the procedure in men has a length of 30-40 cm of the Female urethroscope half: its length is 15 cm.

Many people are hesitant to this procedure because they are afraid that it hurt. Indeed, before it was so. Today, however, doctors use a local anesthesia. The patient is only required to comply with all recommendations of the doctor, to relax and not think about the pain. In this case, the conducting ureteroscopy will be completely painless.

Схема уретроскопии

Similar symptoms are a reason to immediately contact a doctor to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the whole organism. In order to identify the disease and prevent the development of extensive inflammatory process, it is impossible long to postpone the visit to the doctor. The above symptoms may indicate diseases such as:

  • chronic urethritis;
  • stricture of the urethra;
  • inflammation of the urethra;
  • the presence of tumors;
  • pathological urinary incontinence;
  • the presence of foreign bodies in the cavity of the urethral tube.

Before. always schedule the ultrasound. Using ultrasound alsowe can detect many of the above diseases. When the result of the ultrasound gives a clear understanding of the whole picture, the doctors insist on performing ureteroscopy.

Contraindications this procedure is not peculiar. However, it is not carried out during the development of running infectious process in the genital tract and urethra. This can have a negative impact on the integrity of the urethral epithelium.

Possible consequences

Such research method is the most safe for both men and women. If the procedure is performed by competent and experienced professional, adverse reactions should not be. However, every body is different. Some people are sensitive to the.. May experience the following side effects:

  • slight pain when urinating;
  • not abundant bleeding;
  • short abdominal pain.

If such symptoms are observed for a long time, starts a lot of bleeding and pain in the urethra so strong that it is impossible to urinate, you should immediately go to the doctor. If you ignore such negative consequences, then it can result in an inflammatory process, abscess, and the infection even death.

Urethroscopy should be performed in strict sanitary conditions a competent doctor. About the possible consequences of the patient should be warned. If you are having alarming symptoms, you should immediately seek professional medical help. To abandon the procedure if he insists on it, doctor, is not recommended.

So you can skip the beginning of the development of pathological processes. The disease should be treated before it will cause harm to the body.