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How do TRUS of the prostate in men and what preparation is needed?

What is TRUS of the prostate, how do this procedure and is it possible without it? Men at all times often suffered from such unpleasant diseases such as prostatitis. It is called prostate cancer. Early medicine did not possess the ability to get accurate diagnosis and treatment. But modern techniques allow a fairly quick and painless to diagnose the problem.

Ultrasound examination of the prostate

By far the most modern and practiced method of diagnosing diseases associated with the body, is called transrectal ultrasonography of the prostate. So what is it? It refers to a comprehensive study, the purpose of which is the obtaining of complete information on the state of interest to specialists on. The technique is based on the use of modern ultrasound. During his prostate fully diagnosed by ultrasonic waves.

That is the sound waves reflected from the studied organs, eventually forming a final image on which experts will give a very accurate diagnosis. After obtaining the data of the conducted research it is possible to start all the necessary treatments. How is the exam done? During the procedure, the sensor-specific equipment is introduced into the rectum. Just being there, the instrument gets an accurate visual image of the desired object. It is transmitted to a monitor, and a qualified specialist can diagnose. This method is completely safe and painless, non-invasive method is implemented.

A similar examination of the prostate is commonly practiced for the diagnosis of the health of men older than 40 years. The analyses also reveal the presence of prostate antigens in the blood of the masses. In some cases, this instrumental examination prescribed, if there is reason to believe that the patient develops benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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Sometimes these broadband data is not enough. Then the experts to get all the necessary information about the desired object, resort to the use of color Doppler graphics.

Diagnostic significance

Numerous patients and doctors themselves testify to the fact that this procedure is unpleasant. Discomfort - the most common and unpleasant feeling, especially when the patient himself is that while passing the examination will be pain. Of course, it's not, but the body is still in a state of high anxiety that, of course, quite unpleasant.

The people who passed this screening, they sayTransrectal ultrasonography of the prostate - a very informative diagnostic method, and the results are as accurate as possible. The event of any serious mistakes or gaffes to date, has not observed any problems with this method were not. If the experts-sonology doing my expert opinion that no signs of pathology in the investigated region is found, then nothing to worry about. This is true in the absence of complaints of the urethra and problems with potency. If these pathologies are present, then transrectal ultrasound examination will reveal the presence of the complex problems with the prostate gland, especially if the adenoma develops.

Even in the absence of complaints it is advisable and recommended to undergo this examination at least once a year all males.

This is especially true of individuals whose age has reached middle - aged 40 and above. Men in this age group at greater risk than members of the younger generation. It is therefore desirable every year undergo this procedure. Prevention is the best remedy for any disease.

Conducting transrectal ultrasonography of the prostate today is not free. The cost of this procedure ranges from 600 to 2000 rubles.

The price of a survey depends on many factors: geographic location of the diagnostic center, from the specific qualifications of professionals who perform the procedure and the analysis of the General situation, from equipment, in which an ultrasound examination is performed. The cost often depends on the policy of the Republican or provincial areas in a particular region.

It should be noted that this procedure still need to attending urologist or a friend specialist. Special attention should be given to training: without it, everything will be in vain.