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Analysis of juice prostate, and the interpretation of possible results of the study

The prostate secretion is a special liquid that has opalescent character. She is endowed with a certain characteristic odor. Is released as a result of the functioning of the glands which belong to the prostate gland. The secret of the prostate gland is of particular importance, as it is an essential substance that is present in the semen. Its function is to allow the sperm to carry out fertilization process properly.

Useful information

Analysis of prostate secretion is a microscopic study of the liquid formulation which is made by the prostate gland. Take the juice of the prostate in order to detect the presence of inflammation and assess the degree of severity and to determine the usefulness of the functioning of the body, which are particularly important for male health.

Analysis of prostate secretion required the presence of males of certain symptoms, evidence of negative deviations in the body:

  • pain in the groin or at the site of the perineum;
  • pain and discomfort when urinating;
  • pain during urination;
  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • the amount of urination becomes more frequent at night.

The analysis is also shown to clarify the ability of males to procreate.

Повышение риска бесплодия при простатите

The study exposed a number of secret, the rate of which is 0.5 to 2 ml. If the volume of liquid below the limit value, then the patient is diagnosed with prostatitis, and if the above - observed congestion. Normal color is white. When deciphering deviations revealed that the prostate is affected by the inflammatory processes. Then the secret will be yellow or have a red tint. Test liquid should have the smell of spermine, otherwise it is absent.

The reaction parameter in the norm, determines the level of pH in the range from 6.4 to 7. If you carry out the decoding of the deviation, detected as either acute or chronic form of prostatitis.

If the number of leukocytes in secret exceeded (over 400 C.), it causes the appearance of inflammation. Also characterized by the epithelial cells. Erythrocytes in norm should not be available, but in human prostate they are detected in small quantities.

Lecithin granules in the secret quite a lot, and the development of prostatitis, their number sharply decreases to the minimum value. Regarding amyloid Taurus I observed the opposite phenomenon, as innormal state the secret of their does not contain, and the disease contributes to their appearance.

Macrophages outside the period of illness secret are absent, or are found in minimum quantity. When detected, their significance is concluded that the inflammation converts to a chronic form.

Special attention is paid to the analysis of juice of a prostate in the diagnosis of patient disease prostate. It allows you to determine the exact macroscopic and microscopic parameters that allow you to assign the correct and effective treatment.