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What is cystography the bladder and how it is conducted in adults and children?

Cystography: what is it? Zistografii procedure called x-ray study of the bladder. To obtain x-ray image of the bladder, doctors use a contrast substance injected into the examined body. The route of administration may be ascending and descending.


The procedure is performed using a catheter, fill the bladder 150 or 200 ml of a solution containing from 10 to 30% radiopaque drug. This drug can be triombrast, yodamid, urografin etc. Rising cystography involves the introduction of radiopaque substance into the bladder through the urethra. Descending cystography is performed by introducing necessary for the procedure of the drug into a vein. Then after a while the bladder fills and can hold an x-ray.

Not always these two types cystography able details display small tumors and soft stones in the bladder, so your doctor may prescribe pneumocystography. It differs from cystography, instead of contrast medium into the bladder is entered about the same amount of gas. This can be carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrous oxide.

Энурез у ребенка - показание к проведению цистографии

The doctor carefully examines the images, if necessary, takes additional tests. All this will help to identify the presence of oxalates in the urine, or any other deposits. X-ray clearly shows the shape and contours of the bladder. Any changes in the structure, thickening of the walls or of the tumor will be displayed in the picture.

On the basis of the information obtained, the doctor prescribes treatment. This can be a course of medicines, a special diet or inpatient treatment. If the tumor breaks, that the surgery.

If the cystography of a child, the better to conduct ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder to identify problems. Perhaps these data will be sufficient for the purposes of treatment. But if cystography in children is still needed, inform the child about the features of this research that he was ready for the fact that you have to patient discomfort, and wasn't afraid during the procedure. Advance preparation will help to quickly zistografii to assign a therapy according to its results. Rising cystography is contraindicated if a person has inflammation in the bladder, the urethra, scrotum. In such cases, it is descending cystography.