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Proper douching with baking soda in the fight against yeast infection in women

Modern medicine has leaped forward in the treatment of various diseases of the female and male genitals. But douching with baking soda is one of the methods of treatment of unpleasant symptoms that can be indicative of the development of serious diseases. Soda has long established itself as a good tool for washing the affected mucous membranes.

From generation to generation the recipes for the treatment soda and salt various diseases of the throat. These rinses help to treat acute respiratory diseases, beginning with sore throat and pharyngitis. Often, the soda comes to the rescue with aching pain in the teeth, provoked by pulpitis, root granuloma or abscess. Effective soda and to disinfect purulent wounds and cuts.

The reasons for the popularity of ordinary baking soda are on the surface. First, this is a very good natural antiseptic. Falling on the surface, free from pathogenic bacteria, particles of soda, dissolved in water, create a special environment and kill harmful microbes. Secondly, this substance available to all, its price is low, you can buy it in any store. Thirdly, to prepare a solution of baking soda can even teenager.

These qualities make soda a true leader in the treatment of various diseases at home. Sometimes its use may even recommend a doctor who admits that folk remedies can be no less effective than pharmaceutical drugs. The antiseptic properties of baking soda have long appreciated the beautiful half of humanity. After all, delicate women's health issues are often associated with reproduction of conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic microflora, which causes diseases such as thrush, various types of vaginitis, vaginal dysbiosis, and can affect a woman's ability to conceive.

Treatment of candidiasis

Every person at least once in my life heard of this disease, as thrush. The most susceptible to this disease women. It may be a long time to Express themselves, but more often unpleasant symptoms manifest almost immediately, delivering the carrier of this disease a lot of trouble in the form of discomfort in the intimate area, light cheesy discharge with an unpleasant odor, itching and burning, pain when urinating. Despite the fact that thrush is largely a female disease, infected her and the man. Therefore, it is necessary to be treated both sexual partners, even if the man did not bother. This will help prevent the relapse of the disease.

Thrush is a household name. In medical terminology the condition known as candidiasis. This is because a yeast infection is triggered by large aggregations of microscopic yeast fungi of the genus Candida, which in certain conditions, actively proliferate on mucous membranesvagina, gradually forcing out beneficial bacteria and causing inflammation.

Causes of candidiasis can be different: stress, reduces the immune system, unprotected intimate relationships with untested partners, use of synthetic underwear, long reception of antibiotics, lack of proper and regular hygiene, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, public pools, baths and saunas. Often the symptoms of thrush actively manifest in women having a baby. After pregnancy not only weakens immunity, but also has a significant influence on the overall hormonal balance of the expectant mother, which sometimes is not the best way affects the condition of microflora of intimate areas.

Mechanism of action

There are a large number of modern medicines for the treatment of thrush. They are constantly being improved as the composition and in dosage forms. In each pharmacy you can find tablets, powders for oral solutions, vaginal suppositories, ointments and creams that can help with candidiasis. Drugs lot, the prices are different. Sometimes this has a serious impact on the family budget. If you can remember folk remedies which include baking soda.

Использование в домашних условиях

Possible contraindications

Despite the effectiveness of treatment of thrush soda, this way of dealing with the disease has a number of contraindications, under which the application solution is harmful to health:

  1. During pregnancy.
  2. The early postpartum period.
  3. Inflammatory process of infectious nature in the intimate sphere.
  4. Erosion of the cervix.
  5. During the critical days before visiting the gynecologist.
  6. A recent abortion.
  7. Hypersensitivity and acute gynecological diseases.
  8. Decreased acidity of the vagina.

In order not to hurt the body, you need to remember in the use of traditional medicine. Frequent and prolonged douching with baking soda can wash the microflora of the vagina to cause dryness of the mucous membranes and severe allergic reactions. Sometimes disorders of acid-base balance lead to even more serious consequences: nausea and vomiting, cramping, stomach pain and increased pressure. So use this tool only after careful medical examination and under the supervision of a doctor.

The soda treatment is not a panacea. The therapeutic effect of the application of such a solution can only be achieved in combination with the tested drugs. If you experience the first symptoms of candidiasis you need to see a specialist, who with the helptests can deliver correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Douching with baking soda can be only one of the methods of complex treatment of urogenital fungal infection. This method allows you to quickly relieve the unpleasant symptoms, but can not replace the full range of necessary measures for the complete cure of the disease.