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How long live sperm in the external environment and in the body of a woman after intercourse?

The question is, how many live sperm may be of interest to many, not only representatives of a strong half of mankind. Typically, such information gets interested in a moment when there is a desire to plan a pregnancy. In this situation, an important place is occupied by information about the sperm, about what their life time, and how they can make changes in a woman's body.

What is a sperm?

Many people know that after ovulation the egg only lives 24 hours. During this time the uterus should be performed fertilization, fertilization to take place. The lifetime of sperm inside the female body much more than eggs, and because they are the dominant element, without which fertilization is impossible. It is worth noting that the life of sperm, or, to be more precise, the number of days activity can be tracked through this procedure as semen. Scientific studies have shown that the study of seminal fluid at least half of the cells must have an active status.

A spermatozoon is called the Mature male reproductive cell, which is the body representative of the strong half of mankind.

Наркотики - причина азооспермии

Is it possible to extend the viability of the gametes?

Science has proven that regardless of how many days earlier the sperm had their activity, their existence can be prolonged, and not have to go to the clinic. For example, the use of fructose, not sugar, not only increases the lifetime, but the activity of cells in men. Using sucrose is the energy of the body, respectively, and spermatozoa, they can spend less energy and move much further in the fallopian tubes.

Also, this substance can affect the sex of a baby. Some couples during planning pregnancy and conception changing your diet almost beyond recognition. Before intercourse, a man eats too much sugar, including grapes and other fruits, but it is necessary if the couple wants a girl, as it is believed that it can drown out the male chromosomes and to give vent to female hormones.

Sucrose is a real boost to the male body, and thus improving the sex life with the subsequent conception of a baby. Prolonging the life of sperm, it is possible to improve the result of sexual intercourse for the birth of the new man.

Existence outside of the body

How long do sperm live? This issue was discussed partially above, but you can give it more attention. Namely, during the release of sperm from the seed channel hugethe number of cells moving towards a single egg. In the absence of oocytes or when it is inactive for all of these possible future fruits remain unused, that soon leads to their death.

According to statistics, only 3 million of all have a chance to fertilize the egg but only one sperm cell size of 60 microns will be able to hit the target and begin to develop. The power of the enzyme such crumbs and zeal for life makes it more strong and active, and that allows to break the membrane on the egg, impregnating her.

Every man knows that sperm is not the easiest existence, as a fleeting activity and the desire dies along with it almost in the same moment. Nature is arranged so that the male cells with genes when injected into the vagina going on the right path and not stray from it. Opinions about the need to take a certain posture during intercourse, otherwise the cells will not find the road, is extremely erroneous. Sperm leaving the seminal channel on the open air, immediately losing their properties and, therefore, those who wish to limit sex, can not worry about the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy.

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