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Normal size and the volume of the bladder in men, women and children

The volume of the bladder in men is 250-500 ml. Organ located in the pelvic area. During the filling he touches the obturator muscle and increase the size of the human bladder.

The structure of the urinary system

Hollow body of men and women coming forward symphysis. To the top of the adjacent intestine. The bladder in men, side and top covered with serous membrane. The size of the peritoneum and bladder in men and women depends on the degree of filling. If the 2nd body is empty, the peritoneum covers it retroperitoneale. Otherwise observed bezoperatsionnye process.

The main parts of the body experts consider the following:

Суточное количество мочеиспусканий у детей

Such measurement is related to urine volume to determine which is used method of catheterization. A similar formula allows to obtain reliable results. In a healthy organism the bladder holds about 300 ml of urine for 2-5 hours If ultrasound showed enlarged bladder, treatment. In order to calculate the results of the research, the experts use different formulas. This complicates the comparison of the received data. Using handheld ultrasound machines use automatic calculation of the size of the body.

After urination the bladder acquires a spindle shape, moderately inflated state in the form of eggs, and walking - spherical. The volume of the bladder in a newborn ranges from 50-80 ml To 1-year its size reaches 240 ml urination occur in children up to 1 year when 20-40 ml of urine, at the age of 2-5 years - 40-60 ml.

To know the size of the bladder in children, apply the following formula:

600 + (100 x (n - 1)), where n is the age of the child.

If the child is older than 10 years, the rate will calculate according to the following formula:

1500 x (S : 1,73), where S is the surface of the body (depending on the height and weight of the child).

The bubble newborn babies, unlike adults, is higher. It can be felt above the pubis. In the body mucosa is well developed. Muscle and elastic tissue is weak. To detect abnormalities is ultrasound diagnostics.

When inflammation of the body is an additional examination, is assigned to the appropriate treatment. Thus, the dimensions of the bladder are not changed.