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Fundamentals of normal physiology and pathology of male ejaculation

What is male ejaculation? Few people are interested in more details a similar theme. And that's bad, as know about it not only interesting but also useful. And interested in the issue of male ejaculation women should not less than men. But most people, for various reasons, I hesitate to even talk about such things, considering them too intimate. But knowledge about the physiological process of ejaculation in men allow you to monitor men's health. It is important to understand that everything that happens in the body in men and in women during intercourse is nothing more than physiologically inherent mechanisms. If we consider globally, ejaculation for men is a huge part of his life as by the General male health, or fertility. Ejaculation in men occurs in the form of complex reflex act, during which mainly involved the lumbar spinal cord.

Also in the regulation of this process involved the brain, which already underlines the importance of this topic. But on problems with male ejaculation can specify more than real signs. For example, the duration of intercourse, the quality and quantity of semen that the pathology can change.

Phase of male ejaculation

Male ejaculation has certain phases, which are divided depending on what is happening in the body processes during sexual intercourse or Masturbation. They can to some extent observe, if you know what is happening with them. And to be clear, in the physiological sense, the process of ejaculation is not just a release of semen at the end of sexual intercourse. It includes several phases that start from the moment of occurrence of penile erection. Therefore, the interruption of sexual intercourse before the release of seed as a means of contraception is not reliable. Thus, the process of male ejaculation is divided into:

  • predeyakulyat;
  • emission phase;
  • the phase of ejaculation.

Схема ретроградной эякуляции

Predjudice occurs when there is sexual arousal. At this point of the penis stands out predanost, which is preseminal liquid. But it is the first phase of ejaculation is emission, which is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. When it occurs the ejaculatory reflex, which occurs after the next phase with the release of semen from the penis (urethra) to the outside. The second phase controls the spinal reflex, where the transmission of nerve impulses to ensure the completion of ejaculation involved pudendal nerve. After that, as a rule, the achievement ofrepeated ejaculation is not possible.

And this is due to the onset of the so-called refractory period.

What is ejaculate?

Seminal fluid consists of a mixture of products of secretion produced by the sexual organs of men.

In medicine it is called the ejaculate released during Masturbation or intercourse. As already mentioned, this process is divided into two phases: the emission phase and immediate ejaculation. And the formation of the ejaculate begins in the first phase. In the epididymis of the male testis seminiferous tubules are located, which smooth muscle begins to decline. In norm it contributes to the eruption of sperm from the testes to the VAS deferens.

After that, she must overcome the ejaculatory duct and mix with fluids from the prostate, bulbourethral glands and seminal vesicles that the pathology can be broken. Next comes the phase of seed, which begins to contract rhythmically bulbospongiosus muscle, formed by throwing out ejaculate from the urethra of the penis. This phenomenon is not that other, as orgasm in men. At this stage bulbospongiosus muscle contracts in normal up to 15 times, and the man receives physiological pleasure from this. After the first reduction of the emission of seed is already impossible to stop.

Disorders of ejaculation

Problems with ejaculation can occur in any man, regardless of age.

And if you take into account healthy men, these problems can be premature or, conversely, delayed ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is absolute or relative. It all depends on when it occurs: if immediately after the introduction of the penis into the vagina of a woman, it is absolute. Regarding premature ejaculation is when a sexual act lasts for a very short time, insufficient to meet a partner. Delayed ejaculation occurs when the long time sexual intercourse can reach its climax. And if premature ejaculation occurs most often because of prolonged abstinence men, the lateness of the process indicates the influence of psychological factors. Problems with ejaculation may occur when frequent interruptions of frictions, that is, when delayed the onset of orgasm. This can not only disrupt the process of ejaculation, but bulbospongiosus to atrophy the muscle and even develop prostatitis.