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Erection in boys: normal physiology and provides an overview of pathology

Erection in boys - a perfectly natural reaction that tells about the growing up of the child. No wonder they say that the most important sexual organ is the brain. The brain directs all the processes responsible for sexual matters. It can recreate a specific emotion, to increase the need for communication, to increase the attraction to the female sex and to provide external reaction in the form of child erection. Why am I having such difficulty penis? All because the child in the initial stages cannot fully control their own body. The penis does not directly depend on the children's will and controlled by other systems.

Briefly about the main

Erections in children is a natural physiological process that can occur at different ages. According to modern interpretation, the attraction to the female sex is called "libido". Against this background may appear sexy pictures that annoy the respective sexual areas of a child. The result is the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain centre to other organs, which can cause accelerated heart muscle, and breathing becomes rapid. In addition, starts, jumps in blood pressure and under the influence of the spinal centers the penis of the child quickly begins to fill with blood and the initial the size increases to 4 - 10 times. By this mechanism and leaking erection. In the excitation process starts with activation of the head of the penis, which leads to an overall reduction in the testicles. The result is the ejection of semen from the child, which occurs simultaneously with orgasm.

In the event of disruption of at least one link in the chain, we can speak about the development of sexual dysfunction, which leads to partial or complete loss of erection in children. Such problems are rare in young boys. Modern medicine does not stand still and every year to develop new tools that might eliminate a similar problem in boys. At the same drugs that adult men are not suitable for a child.

Строение половых органов у мужчин

This group of medical products called "aphrodisiacs". As a result of medical research was created by a large number of drugs have become natural thistory (a ginseng, eleuterokokk, etc.), as well as funds that have a stimulating effect (e.g., caffeine).

Certain drugs can act as a placebo, without any medical intervention.

What can be said?

Children's reproductive system is quite complex cycleof formation and every year it is qualitatively changed. The formation of the urogenital system begins in the womb. Many parents can observe the situation when an erection, which is not talking about the beginning of puberty. They begin to panic because they believe that the child began the formation of the disease. First erections can occur even in young children. Age at first penis enlargement can range from 2 to 6 years. However the reason that causes such a reaction, has nothing to do with sexual arousal. For example, overcrowding of the bladder, fullness of the diaper or panties, tight underwear.

In addition, a boy's penis may increase and cause a leaking of inflammatory process and other infectious diseases. Erection can talk about diseases of the rectum, or the presence of worms. In some cases, when an erection occurs without any symptoms, it is possible to talk about the sudden activity of the spinal centres. The boys, aged from 1 to 2 years, can be observed erection, the reason is - constant rocking. It is used for a quick sleep. The parents themselves can cause penis enlargement, when you kiss and caress the tender area. Puberty occurs in the body of a young man in 10-12 years. At this time begins active growth, and penis enlargement. Awakens the libido and as a result, there is an erection. Teen pretty often dreams of erotic character and it is quite often possible to observe pollutions (the process by which involuntary ejaculation happens). The first Masturbation occurs at the age of 12 to 14 years.

Doctors look at this process differently. Some relate to him with a restrained caution, while others consider it quite normal. Quite often penile enlargement occurs spontaneously. For example, when wearing tight clothes, friction while riding a bike or running.


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