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Why men have morning erection occurs and what to do if its not?

Erection in the morning for men is an indicator of physical and mental health. For what it is and what happens in the body if it is not?

Why is this happening?

Often men with a healthy potency wonder why sexual arousal occurs in the morning. Usually lasts up to half an hour, but sometimes about 2 hours.

Morning erection uncontrolled, spontaneous. She is not only Mature men but also in boys. Experts say that the morning excitement is related to the filling of the bladder. It stimulates the nerve endings in the spine that are responsible for reflex. When they get excited, the alarm goes on in the brain and reaches the nerve center erection.

There is another version: in the male body level of sex hormones reaches a peak just in the morning. This condition is called testosterone flare. The peak hormone level is observed between 5 and 9am.

Next version: update blood. This "preventive" state prevents oxygen starvation in the genitals and is often observed in men who live an irregular sexual life.

Another reason for morning erections is the so - called biological test. Upon waking the body begins to test yourself functionality.

Отсутствие эрекции

Until now, psychologists have figured out why men need an erection in the morning. But they say that's great exercise for the male body and, in particular, for the genitourinary system. If the sexual life is irregular, this process does not allow the system to stagnate and then trains her. So the erection in the morning talking about sexual health of men.

If over a long period, it is reduced, it is necessary to think about the fact that the body has occurred an imbalance between the nervous and genitourinary system. Sometimes the morning nevozbudimosti may be the first symptom of erectile dysfunction. But usually it is caused by the most banal of reasons: fatigue, turmoil and stress.

Therefore, it is necessary to change their habits and Outlook on life. Adequate sleep, proper nutrition and reasonable physical activity will not allow such a situation.

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