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What is ejaculation in men,: the concept of norm and pathology

Delicate question: what is ejaculation, what processes occur in the male body and the threat of violation. Ejaculation (ejaculation) is a sequential contraction of VAS deferens and prostate, highlighting the seminal fluid through the urethra, ending in the release of sperm.

Ejaculation - natural physiological process that occurs in the body of men under the influence of stimuli, entering the cortex and giving sexual signals: visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile. Stimuli activate located in the sacral region of the spinal cord ejaculation center. The center gives a command to the process in which successively less smooth muscle, VAS deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate and urethra.

Perigean share, located in the brain, perceive external stimuli and also stimulate the centre of ejaculation, thereby accelerating the process of ejaculation.

The process of ejaculation

The process has two phases:

  1. Issue. Phase emission starts after a visual or tactile erotic stimulation. Stimulation leads to contraction of the vessels of the testicles, appendages, seminal duct of the vesicles and prostate. Frequent contractions of the prostate throw a secret. Prostate, seminal vesicles and VAS deferens are reduced, and semen is released in the urethra. The internal sphincter of the bladder closes, does not get the sperm in the bladder and retains urine at the time of sexual intercourse.
  2. The phase of expulsion. Reflex occurs, can not be volitional control. Initially, seminal fluid compresses the rear part of the urethra. A man takes possession of the voluptuousness. He can learn to control the periods of excitation. At this stage begins the process that is to interrupt it is impossible.

Депрессия - причина задержки эякуляции

To involuntary wet dreams are ejaculations of the boys in adolescence, which have already entered puberty, but not sex life. Normal physiology - the advent of wet dreams in boys twice a week, once during the night. Sometimes there are wet dreams in men during sexual abstinence during the daytime in connection with sexual excitement. Usually involuntary ejaculation occurs in young people, not masturbating and not having sex. During sexual activity pollutions, as a rule, disappear.

Pollution is not a disease in men. It does not need to be ashamed of. This is the norm. However, frequent involuntary ejaculation can talk about mental or physiologicaldeviations, which can be understood only by a specialist.

In any case, the emission is called pathological? Pathological the emission (spermatorrhea) is a disease in which men are constantly released sperm. An erection normal does not occur spontaneously, the seed gradually poured out in small quantities. The cause of the disease is weakness of the membranes of the ejaculatory duct. Often develops in men of Mature age. Pathology can develop on the background of prostate diseases, some lesions of the brain and spinal cord and those areas that regulate erection and ejaculation.

Treatment of disorders of ejaculation

Organic causes such disorders typically are not amenable to treatment. The rest are softened and treated with psychotherapy. A violation is not always a symptom of disease, but if it causes problems, should seek help from a specialist.

Ignoring the consultation of a specialist can worsen the relationship with the partner, cause a fear of relationships. Following the advice of a specialist, you can completely get rid of this delicate problem forever. Disorders with unclear etiology successfully cure sexotravesti and psychotherapists. In the normal course of psychosexual correction a man should spend with his female partner.

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