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What is erection in men as it occurs and what it depends on?

About what an erection is, without a doubt, everyone knows. Erection is a significant increase in the volume of the penis. Thus it becomes quite hard due to the fact that the cavernous bodies fill with blood. If to speak in more complicated language, the erection is a complex neurovascular processes in the body, which are normal for both male and female.


Erection can occur with different kinds of vascular,neurogenic type of mechanisms. This means that a similar phenomenon occurs as a result of reflex which is inherent in every living being, or under the influence of psychogenic factors. Erection in men is very much dependent on the second signal system, i.e. the excitation is sufficient to represent the object, it is possible not to influence the erogenous zones, or to see the reality of this object. This is a hallmark of human arousal from that which is present in animals.

What are the different types of sexual arousal in males

This process can occur spontaneously or as a result of exposure to a certain reflex, psychotropic reactions. If you touch a member of the men, a reflex erection. That which arises from the erotic stimulus - refers to psychogenic. Spontaneous arousal occurs during sleep and the person can not control in this situation process. In most cases, the male erection begins to show itself as a result of erotic thoughts and then begins stimulation of the penis and its receptors.

Утренняя эрекция

The first phase of the complex erection process is the phase relaxed state of the penis in men. In this case, the minimum flow is only due to the cavernous arteries in the body is performed in a relaxed state exclusively trophic function.

Then begins to occur the stage of swelling when the man starts to get excited. This stage is divided into two phases: the latent phase of tumescence When the penis is in a relaxed state, the vascular resistance is minimal. Then in the cavernous body begins to rapidly flowing blood. During the onset of an erection in this period the blood flow is considered to be the fastest. In the latent phase of sexual arousal member of the men only slightly increased in size and length, but it vnutrikawernozno pressure remains the same as before.

If we consider the phase of tumescence, there is a strong enough increase in blood flow. The smooth muscle at this stage of the erection beginning to relax, and the cavity become more pliable, which makes it quite fastto fill the penis with blood. Blood flow is significantly reduced through emissary veins, and the pressure in the cavern increases several times.

When the penis is in a slight stage of excitement, it was only after that comes the phase of full erection, and then it goes into a skeletal or rigid phase. Blood flow is reduced several times, vnutrikawernozno pressure continues to gradually rise. Venous blood flow compared to a fully relaxed state of the penis is slightly enhanced. Compared to the latent phase, arterial inflow begins to decline. Throughout the phase of full erection the pressure remains constant, arterial blood flow (compared with the phase of swelling) is completely identical with the venous outflow.

Then comes the appearance of a skeleton (rigid) phase of sexual arousal. Vnutrikawernozno pressure exceeds the systolic. Occurs the blood flow through the cavernous artery. This phase in men is observed only during intercourse, the process of Masturbation. The duration of the rigid phase is not very big, because the muscles are quite tired quickly. If at this point they can't at least a few seconds to relax by going to another phase, there is a great risk of developing such pathologies as ischemia of the muscle tissue of the penis.

When there is very sharp decrease in arterial blood flow with it to a minimum, but venocclusive mechanism remains the same, the male orgasm is reached and ejaculation.

In addition, there is the refractory period erection, which is divided into the initial phase of detumescence and directly on the phase of detumescence. In the first case, men have observed erections due to the fact that there orgasmic contractions. They arise in connection with quite a sharp outflow of blood from the penis. Sometimes a return to a state of calm may take only a few seconds, some men need a minimum of five minutes. Every person long a particular phase are different. If there are any diseases of the reproductive system, they can be very different from the norm.

An erection is a very complex process that can occur in the body not only men, but women as well. Only after all these changes in the body, the penis can normally reginout. In that case, if there are certain illnesses and disease, it can cause problems with erection (partial or complete lack of), or this process occurs in men too often and too strong. If the erection is very strong (hyperexcitability of the body), such as may bring the man a very unpleasant feeling, untilpainful.