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Treatment of warts ointments, gels, creams and pills

In the treatment of skin diseases when injected into the body of the virus will help the ointment on the warts. Thanks to her, the irritation is eliminated, normal immune system, resulting in reduced risk of new lesions. There are many antiviral medications that will help eliminate genital warts. But you need to remember that warts is education, which is the human papilloma virus remaining in the body for life.

Symptoms and causes

Some education in the form of bubbles or nodules that occur in the genital area, the anus, are sometimes found in the mouth and throat, represent genital warts. This virus is currently one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. His presence in the body is often asymptomatic. Genital warts can present themselves as a single body and mass to cover the skin area with a strong growth of the cells.

Genital warts do not appear immediately, but after a certain period. This process of maturation may be delayed up to several months. The virus getting into the deeper layers of the skin of the genitals and adjacent areas alters the structure of DNA. The epithelium begins to grow, it is moving and exit to the outside in formations of growths resembling in its structure the wart.

About 90% of the population infected with the virus, and the medicine still have not found such medicines that would once and for all to help to get rid of the virus.

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Treatment of condyloma

When you want to find the appropriate medication for eliminating warts, the usual pills can't help, because they do not have antiviral effect. Their function consists only in the ability to support the immune system and add to the body of interferons or to stimulate their production on their own. Such tablets include: Acyclovir, Likopid, Cycloferon and other.

Currently widely used ointments used for topical treatment of warts. Immunomodulatory tool is Imiquimod. Violates the division of epithelial cells ointment Podophyllotoxin. A good helper in the elimination of warts will be the cream of Vartek.

Another effective ointment for local and external use is Bonafton. This ointment prescribed for viral diseases of the skin, mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals.

For the treatment of patients suffering from infectious-inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes and skin, suitable Panavir gel is intended for external use.

Part of a comprehensive treatment may include candlesantiseptic (Betadine) or antiviral and immunostimulating action (Panavir). Candles can be of two types:

  • rectal, providing General and local action;
  • vaginal, suitable only for local action.

Many think that the treatment of skin diseases use oxolinic ointment for warts. But this is not true. It can be applied in the treatment of inflammation of the skin, manifested in the form of itching or weeping rashes. And according to the instructions for use of drugs, oxolinic ointment is not a cure for warts.

All the above medicines are quite effective, but do not forget that before applying the mandatory need to consult a physician.