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Condylomas in pregnancy: symptoms and treatment

Arisen warts during pregnancy can bring lots of troubles to a woman in this crucial period. Genital warts - genital warts, which are small skin lesions or bodily pinkish color and formed on the genitals and the anus. They appear in groups of lesions, occupying quite an extensive area. The causative agent of warts is the human papilloma virus (HPV). Some of the types of warts that occur on hands or soles of the feet, caused by the same virus. Such cases are relatively safe, what can be said about the warts. The latter is very contagious, unlike the first, they are easily sexually transmitted.

Especially dangerous are genital warts during pregnancy because they can trigger the development of the virus and the warts in the newborn.

Doctors recommend that even in the period of planning pregnancy be tested for the presence of this virus so that nothing can spoil a wonderful period of waiting for a baby.

However, many women do not give this analysis the attention and, just become pregnant, report the problem to your doctor. In this case, it is very important to choose the proper treatment to overcome the disease and to protect against infecting the baby. Women have warts cervical lesions can affect internal and external walls of the vagina, the area around the anus. Rare but striking in warts of the oral cavity and throat of a person.

Causes of warts and their diagnosis during pregnancy

This question can not give a precise answer by any doctor, despite numerous studies and thorough study of the disease. If genital wart you already have, then often during pregnancy they begin to grow. Scientists suggest that the hormonal changes, immune system, environmental effects together cause such a reaction.

Кондилома на теле

Drugs such as "Imiquimod" and "Podophyllin" it is forbidden to receive pregnant, so most doctors agree that to treat genital warts during this period, it is best dichloroquinone or trichloroacetic acid. However, to make such decisions can not be treated only under the supervision of a doctor.

Treatment of folk remedies

In alternative medicine there are many recipes for the treatment of warts. After consulting with the doctor and with his permission, after all, only a gynecologist can determine the cause a particular drug harm to the fetus and mother, you can try to rid of the scourge using one of the popular recipes. A point can be applied to tumors:

  • alcohol tincture of the celandine;
  • the juice of sour apples, pineapple, garlic ordandelion;
  • ammonia;
  • egg protein;
  • castor oil;
  • the pulp of the crushed leaves of Kalanchoe.

Thus, it is a dangerous disease that can bring a lot of anxiety and discomfort to the woman. Therefore, in order to avoid problems during pregnancy, we recommend you to warn him, taking a moderate sex life, while avoiding casual relationships and strengthening the protective system of the body.