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Who and why appointed Yunidoks appointment with the Ureaplasma (Ureaplasma)?

Yunidoks Solutab when Ureaplasma is a basic drug. This medicine called Doxycycline belongs to the group of tetracycline antibiotics, which are usually shown for any form of Ureaplasma infection. Ureaplasma refers to the number of opportunistic pathogens. Therefore, the treatment of Ureaplasma required only in the case if its concentration in the blood exceeds the permissible criteria. Usually for clarification of the pathogen, its quantitative content and sensitivity of Ureaplasma to a particular antibiotic the doctor prescribes the testing - culture seeding (smear in women from cervical, male urethral). Only on the basis of the results, the doctor decides whether or not medical therapy. During the course of treatment, the control analysis is carried out after one month from the date of completion of medication.

When you may need treatment?

There are several pathogenic species Ureaplasma:

  1. Parvum is a small bacterium (a little more than a virus) infects the cells of the genitals, coupled with urealiticum included in the class Mycoplasma. These bacteria have the ability of splitting urea and discharge is ammonia. Increased concentration of this bacteria can lead to the development of inflammation and education in different parts of the system mochevyvodjashie stones. Can inhibit the action of local immunity, suppressing substances that produce antibodies against disease.
  2. Urealyticum - bacteria with poorly delineated cell membrane. In addition to the harmful effects to mucous membranes, can affect blood cells and sperm. If this kind Ureaplasma is left untreated, it will oppress the immune system.
  3. Species - these bacteria are present in the composition of the normal flora of the genital organs. Their cell walls do not have, therefore can exist in different cells of the mucosa of the genital organs and their membranes. Carriage of the bacteria eventually leads to inflammation. Men species can cause infertility, if it starts to destroy the sperm.

Is considered to be more pathogenic Ureaplasma parvum than all the others. And do not play a big role, what kind of this pathogenic microorganism was discovered, the dominant role is still to indicators of the number, and not just getting positive results. Although diagnosis and identification of the specific strain of the causative agent of urogenital infections is quite important and determines further therapeutic tactics.

Консультация врача при уреаплазме

Instead, it is assigned a different drug. For example, whenallergic reaction to, Solutab can be administered a medication from the group of macrolides. Treatment of a ureaplasmosis is always complex. This shows the complementary medical methods:

  • the therapy is restorative in nature;
  • immunomodulation (because anaplasmosis is often found in the already advanced stage);
  • probiotics, which are prescribed for the purpose of normalization of the intestinal microflora (antibiotics adversely affect the beneficial bacteria of the intestine).

Upon detection of ureaplasmosis and subsequent treatment should be to remove the abnormalities in the sexual partner. The second also must examine and carried out for him in future prevention or drug therapy.

Preventive measures in the fight against infection

During the struggle with Ureaplasma infection should be excluded:

  • sex for the period of the treatment course;
  • hypothermia and genitals in particular;
  • finding the sun and the Solarium;
  • visit public places: baths, saunas, pools, etc.

And here is a complete and balanced diet, on the contrary, should adhere to.

Obligatory condition of cure is the fixing of the result of the treatment.

Therefore, the patient approximately 2-3 months should be seen by a doctor.