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What are the symptoms occur when the disease Ureaplasma.

Ureaplasma in children, whose symptoms manifest themselves in adults, is quite common. The reasons for this phenomenon are many, but the first thing is to make the parents of the kid is to pay attention to warning signs that manifest in a child. Only in this case the problem can be tackled.

How to recognize a Ureaplasma?

In the process of diagnostics of a ureaplasmosis, the greatest challenge is the fact that this disease has no distinct symptoms and, to a certain point, does not bother the baby. At the same time to recognize the problem it is still possible! However, parents need to closely monitor the health of their child. As a rule, for Ureaplasma in boys is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • minor discharge from the urethra;
  • discomfort during urination (you may notice the mood of the child);
  • beginning symptoms of prostatitis.

In turn, the girls Ureaplasma manifested by similar symptoms, with only one exception - all of the above is usually accompanied by drawing pain in the abdomen.

Most parents, hearing the diagnosis of their newborn child, taken to blame for what happened doctors, oblivious to the fact that the vectors of the disease are often they. Approximately 70% of cases the carrier is the mother, while the father manifested this diagnosis much less likely.

Передача уреаплазмоза ребенку от матери

The doctor will be able to make their appointment on the basis of the complete clinical picture of the disease and the individual characteristics of the child's body.

However, even after complete cure, the parents should be the role and preventative measures. They do not differ from common methods of protection from STDs, which is not known to all adolescents.

First and foremost, parents need to keep their grown-up child from casual sex, which are quite common at this age.

Not the last role should be given common current methods of protection, the most reliable of which is the condom. This contraceptive, like the pill, can cause numerous side effects, some of them are more severe than anaplasmosis.

If infection with Ureaplasma happened, parents should not blame the incident of the child, and try to help him. First and foremost, it will be in the selection of a qualified physician who will identify the source of infection and prescribe treatment, not leaving one trace of it.