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Treatment of Ureaplasma in women using drugs

If diagnosed with Ureaplasma, treatment of women, the drugs used to suppress the microorganisms causing the disease. This pathogen, being in excess, can cause inflammation in the urogenital organs. Sometimes this bacterium found in lungs and kidneys. Thanks to the development of molecular biology experts have identified several new species of pathogen, but they are still poorly understood. Previously had 14 serotypes of the pathogen.

How is the infection?

This disease is most common in women. Men suffer from it rarely, and the disease occurs without acute symptoms. When Ureaplasma in the development of the disease is influenced by various factors:

  1. Disease of the sexual sphere.
  2. Reduced immunity caused by constant stress, colds, or surgical operations.
  3. Chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis and gonorrhoea.
  4. Early initiation of sexual relations in girls.
  5. Prolonged use of hormonal and antimicrobial drugs.
  6. Bad quality of a woman's life.
  7. The age of 14-29 years.

Infection with Ureaplasma is sexually transmitted. At birth, the baby can become infected passing through the birth canal of the mother. In many cases the pathological process is hidden, without any symptoms. This greatly complicates the diagnosis of the disease and further treatment. If the disease is detected at later stages, you develop a chronic form, and concealed carrier. In addition, the Ureaplasma is becoming resistant to many drugs. Ureaplasma in women may provoke the development of various pathologies associated with the genitourinary system. These include inflammation of the cervical canal, the sheath of the vagina, ovaries and of the uterus, damage to fallopian tubes (leading to infertility), diseases of the pelvic organs. In men, the bacteria cause inflammation of the urethra, its itching and burning, prostatitis, and changes in the epididymis. Disturbed production of sperm leading to male infertility, and formation of kidney stones. Symptoms appear only after 19 days after infection. Treatment of a ureaplasmosis women usually wears lengthy.

ИФА для диагностики уреаплазмоза

Specialist as additional measures to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment may prescribe a diet and drugs that increase immunity. Exclude from the diet of fatty, fried, spicy, alcohol. Proper nutrition will help to improve the intestinal microflora, normalize and enhance the immune system. After the end of treatment, in order to be sure that the ureaplasmosis is treated, re-assign tests to identifyinflammation and the infection. A survey carried out 3 times for 3 menstrual cycles.

Despite the fact that official medicine offers a quite effective methods, some still hope to cure Ureaplasma with the help of folk medicine. Apply garlic, grass, Wintergreen, and Wintergreen. However, this is not a disease that is advisable to be treated in the same way. Ureaplasma in women can lead to infertility, and therefore it is better not to experiment with such methods of treatment, and to refer to specialists.


Preventive measures

In order not to suffer from the symptoms of the disease, need to adhere to prevention:

  1. Hygiene before intercourse and after it. Mandatory water treatments will remove the microorganisms and selection, which are favorable environment for bacteria.
  2. The use of condoms if the partner is not checked. Barrier methods are the most effective at combating the bacteria.
  3. Hygiene of the oral cavity after oral contact. It is sufficient to rinse your mouth with antiseptic in order to prevent the disease.
  4. Permanent sexual partner. Promiscuity increase the risk of disease is not only a ureaplasmosis, but also more serious diseases, up to HIV and hepatitis.

In addition to these rules, you also need to monitor the overall state of his health. To maintain a high level of immunity, to try less likely to get sick with colds and cure chronic disease. If you follow these rules in the complex, it is possible that this problem will not affect you.