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What plugs are appointed against Ureaplasma and ureaplasmosis?

Bacteria appearing on the urinary and reproductive organs, can cause anaplasmosis - a disease, the main treatment of which are candles from Ureaplasma. Ureaplasma is present in many people, even causing disease. It is believed that pathogenic bacteria have a women several times more than men, so the weaker sex is more susceptible to such disease. The main cause of the disease is the transfer of bacterial flora - Ureaplasma - through sexual contact. Bacteria can be detected on the genitals and mucous membranes of the nose and mouth of the newborn if the mother during pregnancy suffered a ureaplasmosis.

Ureaplasma can cause various diseases in men and women. The first is, as a rule, inflammation of the urinary canal, women with pathogenic microflora may suffer inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. Ureaplasma leads to disruption of the kidneys causes the formation of stones. Ureaplasma is especially dangerous for pregnant women as the bacteria can cause premature births and miscarriages in the early stages.

If women or men are quite strong microflora of the mucosal surface of the genital organs, it protects the body against the ingress of bacteria. Ureaplasma thus can exist in the body for several years without a clear clinical picture, but at the slightest violation of the microflora occurs symptoms of the disease. In some countries, the disease caused by Ureaplasma qualifies as venereal, in others it is an inflammatory disease of the reproductive system and urinary tract.

Symptoms ureaplasmosis

Unfortunately, in some cases ureaplasmosis doesn't manifest itself. Bacteria quietly reside in the genital and urinary organs, without identified symptoms, yet the person remains the carrier of the disease.

Выделения при уреаплазме

Antimicrobial suppositories

I like a medium level of efficiency is not as high as the antibiotics. Their use with a large number of bacteria and a strong development of the disease unnecessarily. Most often, antimicrobial candles are assigned in the form of additional treatment and only in rare cases as the core, for example, if the disease is detected at an early stage.

One of the most popular antimicrobial drugs against Ureaplasma is Betadine.

He is able to rid the body of most bacteria and rapidly restore the microflora balance. However, Betadine has a number of contraindications:

  • it cannot be used in the treatment of Ureaplasma in children;
  • shall not be used by people with hypersensitivity to iodine, thyroid diseasesgland and before procedures that use iodine;
  • with caution Betadine should be used by persons suffering from chronic kidney disease;
  • application of pregnancy is possible with care and only early on.

Another effective antimicrobial agent in treatment of a ureaplasmosis is Genferon®. Suppositories of this drug as a main component contain interferon. In the human body this substance is excreted in the protein that is needed to protect from external infections.

Vaginal suppositories with interferon is prescribed for many inflammatory diseases in men and women, which affect the urogenital system. Negative Genferon ® acts on the bacteria Ureaplasma. The drug reduces the main symptoms: itching, burning when urinating, lower abdominal pain. It can be used in pregnancy, but only in the most safe for the treatment trimesters the second and third. Genferon ® is quite often prescribed for the complex treatment in combination with antibiotics for the Ureaplasma, as it increases their efficiency and reduces side effects.

Immunomodulatory drugs

Any disease, like treatment with antibiotics, causing a huge impact on the body's immune system. Ureaplasma are unable to proliferate and cause unpleasant symptoms if they are not opposed to the powerful protection of the body. During treatment it is necessary to boost immunity and restore healthy microflora to reduce the risk of re-infection. Immunomodulators when Ureaplasma is also recommended for use exclusively in the form of candles. This will help to avoid side effects of other drugs: itching, dryness, pain and cramps during urination and intercourse.

Contraindications to the use of immunomodulatory candles will be breast-feeding and the presence of autoimmune diseases.