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What pills treat gonorrhea (gonorrhea) among men and women

Timely treatment of gonorrhea prevents such complications as infertility and miscarriages in women. For men it's important as the gonococcus is often causes a reduction in sperm motility and inability of fertilization. Timely adjustment of drugs against gonorrhea does not develop and such consequences as prostatitis and epididymitis in men and endometriosis in women.

What pills treat gonorrhea

Antibiogram is a testing of all available antibacterial drugs in the grown colonies from a particular patient. This allows you to identify which drugs the pathogen is resistant, and which exhibits the greatest sensitivity.

According to the results of antibiogram the physician selects for treatment those pills, to which the sensitivity of the pathogen above all. For each patient, even for sexual partners, the diagnostic results can be completely different, so the treatment is chosen individually.

General principles for the use of medicines

Initially, gonorrhea was treated with penicillin antibiotic in doses of 6 million IU per course and more. Treatment consisted of intramuscular injections several times per day with medications the sodium and potassium salts of benzylpenicillin.

Were later offered long-acting formulations of this antibiotic, for example, bitsillin, which had to prick only once in a few days. But a quick privatemode gonococci to the same type of treatment has led to necessity of search of new antibacterial agents.

Now in venereology are mainly used tablets from gonorrhea. This drugs are cephalosporins such as Cefixime and Ceftriaxone". And widely available antibiotics "Chloramphenicol", "Spectinomycin", "Azithromycin". Sometimes used to treat gonorrhea used Antiprotozoal drug "Metronidazole".

The dose depends on the age, weight of patient, form of gonorrhea (acute or chronic) and duration of disease. Therefore, they should appoint only the doctor-venereologist.

Local treatment of gonorrhoea

In order to get rid of the signs of gonorrhea and prevent the accession of other infections, to heal and topically. So, women use douching, suppositories and baths with solutions of antibiotics or antiseptics.

At home to treat gonococcal infection whether topically with solutions of furacillin, permanganate of potassium, Lugol's solution. Prolonged indolent chronic gonorrhea women recommended physiotherapy type UHF or phonophoresis with potassium iodide.

Men can alsoinfluence of the pathogen topically by washing with antiseptics and urethral instillation drugs. They are held after urination in order to maximize the effect. Apply weak solutions of protargol, Lugol's solution, silver nitrate and chamomile. At night, men are encouraged to put the equivalent of suppositories in women – urethral sticks.

In the chronic form of gonorrhoea apply physiotherapy in the crotch in the form of phonophoresis, darsonvalization and ultrasonic.

Treatment of the disease during pregnancy

During pregnancy, as you know, antibiotics are prohibited. However, upon detection of gonorrhea in pregnant women must weigh the risks.

If without treatment there is a high probability of intrauterine death, sometimes the treatment is assigned. In most cases, used only local preparations in the form of candles, to avoid contamination of the amniotic SAC and placenta, as well as sanitize the vagina before childbirth. Tablets from gonorrhea pregnant women are prescribed rarely.

Restorative therapy

In addition, what pills are to be treated, it is important to know the patient and what medications to restore the destroyed flora. It is known that antibiotics are equally insidious as for alien microbes and beneficial bacteria. And that after the treatment of gonorrhoea do not have any intestinal dysbiosis and candidiasis the genitals, you need to apply eubiotics.

They also come in tablets, for example, "Linex" or "Bifiform" and include the full range of necessary bifidobacteria. As topically for the prevention of candidiasis women light candles with lactobacilli. Apart from restoring the flora, it is important to normalize the function of the liver, as many antibiotics are highly hepatotoxic. To do this, the doctor prescribes another, and hepatoprotectors ("Hepabene", "Essentiale", etc.)