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Can quickly cure gonorrhea with one shot in one day

Cure yourself with one injection or one pill per day, quickly and effortlessly – the eternal dream of human suffering. In most situations, for this phrase hides the self-deception or quackery. However, in respect of gonorrhea it is possible. Anyway, in regards to cure with one injection."

As treated gonorrhea before the advent of antibiotics

In the XIX century the most popular means of combating gonorrhea was Javanese cubeb pepper, balsam copaiba made from indigenous to South America, tree, and turpentine. Only in 1859 in Britain were imported 150,000 pounds of balsam copaiba for the treatment of urinary infections. Attempts were also made to cure the disease with mercury, by analogy with syphilis.

In 1879 there came a day when Nasser first discovered and described the gonococcus. After that, the researchers undertook the development of a vaccine against gonococcal infections. However, it was not too effective.

About the methods of therapy, which entered into use in the twenties of the XX century, it is impossible to remember without a shudder. The disease is tried to cure by heating the pelvic organs, inserting a heating element into the rectum.

The era of antibiotics in venereology was started in 1937.

Treatment at the present stage

For a long time, penicillin was the main antibiotic in the treatment of gonococcal infections. But with time began to increase the percentage of cases where the gonococci were insensitive to it.

In our days for treatment of gonorrhea is most often used antibiotics tsefalosporinovoy group. As an alternative to cephalosporins can be used aminoglycoside antibiotics, tetracyclines and macrolides.

Principles of antibiotic therapy

Is it possible to cure gonorrhea with one shot? Yeah, maybe. Regimens for uncomplicated gonococcal infections are usually built this way: the only shot.

Very important words in the previous paragraph, uncomplicated gonococcal infection. They mean that the treatment is only when the classical manifestation of the disease – gonococcal urethritis.

If the inflammation spreads rapidly further to the prostate gland and testicles in men, on the uterus with the appendages in women, the tactic of therapy is changing dramatically. About any treatment the day it go.

As to determine whether the disease is complicated, can only be a doctor, self-medication in this situation is unacceptable.

Another point that must be clearly understood, gonorrhea is often combined with other infectious diseases, sexually transmitted infections, e.g., trichomoniasis or chlamydia. In order to heal them, required combined therapeutic schemes.


What medication and in what doses are used in neoslojnennoe gonococcal infection? National guidance on dermatology contains the following recommendations:

  • Ceftriaxone 250 mg by intramuscular injection once.
  • cefixime 400 mg (tablet) once inside;
  • spectinomycin 2 g by intramuscular injection once.

Thus, a treatment course consisting of a single shot in one day, in gonorrheal infection for example. However, it needs to appoint the doctor as to further control the healing process.