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What antibiotics treat gonorrhea in men and women

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted urogenital disease, which in most cases are sexually transmitted. Its causative agents are bacteria called gonococci.

Also gonorrhea can be transmitted and household by, for example, when using the common subjects of intimate hygiene through sponge bathing, towels, linen, toilet seats, etc. Infection of the newborn the gonococcus is possible with the passage of the baby through the birth canal of an infected mother.

In most cases, gonococci are striking the mucous membrane of the genital organs, but sometimes gonorrhea can develop in the rectum and cause the development of acute conjunctivitis in newborns.

The nature of the flow distinguish 2 forms of the disease:

  • Acute – lasts up to 2 months.
  • Chronic – develops in the absence of treatment after 2 months after infection.

General principles of treatment

  1. antimicrobial therapy (antibiotics);
  2. immunotherapy (in particular, improving the overall immune system of the body);
  3. local treatment (e.g. use of local antiseptics);
  4. physiotherapy and restorative procedures.

What antibiotics are recommended to take for gonorrhea

The drugs of choice for treating gonococcal infections in men and women are the penicillins. Mostly they are inside. Local treatment is indicated in cases where there are strict contraindications to the use of systemic therapy.

The use of antibiotics for gonorrhea, which belong to the drug penicillin, in most cases, to 5-7-th day significantly reduce the inflammatory process. Also there is a significant decrease in secretions from the genitals. They become scanty and less purulent.

If treatment with antibiotics was done correctly, then the 7-10th day you can take the analysis to identify the completeness of the cure. Also to restore the immune system you need to connect bracing techniques.

It should be noted that the use of immunotherapy and physical therapy methods is possible only after removal of acute inflammation on the background of antibiotic therapy. After use of antibiotics is appointed and topical treatment.

So, bitsillin penicillin (penicillin drug) administered intramuscularly every 3-4 hours for 10 days. Dose is assigned individually and only a competent medical doctor. It is possible to treat a single introduction of a large dose (1.5 million IU) bitsillina. To make the procedure you need 6 times. However, in patients this technique is called treatment of gonorrhea with a single injection.

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In addition to injectable forms of the antibiotic penicillin, for treatment of gonorrhea in men and women are used and preformed antibiotics such as Augmentin, ampicillin, oxacillin, etc.

So, ampicillin mostly take 1-2 tablets 3 times a day for 7-14 days. Oxacillin treated about 5 days. The so-called "fresh" gonorrhea, your doctor may prescribed a single dose of tablet antibiotics, for example 2 tablets norfloxacin or 1-2 tablets abaktal, and possible use 1 tablet of ciprofloxacin or other similar drugs.

The distinctive features of the treatment of the infection in women

Today the best drug is Ceftriaxone, and amoxicillin and bitsillina. If allergic to these drugs venereal disease may be prescribed drugs of the tetracycline, macrolide group (e.g., doxycycline or erythromycin).

For the treatment of this disease in women recommended use of vaginal suppositories with antibiotics or antiseptics (for example, co-trimoxazole, hexicon or Betadine). It should be remembered that the exact dosage of the drug and its appearance can be determined only by the doctor, making an invalid self.

Features of medical therapy in men

Despite the fact that the clinical manifestations of gonorrhea in the stronger and the weaker sex are very different, to treat gonorrhea in women and men should be almost identical.

For the treatment of this disease in men prescribed antibiotics broad-spectrum action. Often, however, with gonococcal infection men can get and chlamydial urethritis.

It is also worth noting that this infection in men is more persistent, so for successful antibiotic therapy is recommended to use a combination of antibiotics of different groups, such as Ceftriaxone with doxycycline.