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Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of urogenital (vaginal, urinary) trichomoniasis

Urogenital trichomoniasis is a common infectious disease involving an inflammatory process and sexually transmitted diseases.

This illness is caused by urogenital (vaginal) Trichomonas trichomonas vaginalis is the simplest class of flagellates in size from 13 to 40 microns.

The pathogen can exist only in the urogenital system organs. Outside of the human body, as well as in other organs, the parasite quickly dies. Especially detrimental effect on Trichomonas the heat (45 degrees and above), ultraviolet radiation, changes in osmotic pressure.

In terms of external environment (ponds, places with large concentrations of people), the causative agent of vaginal trichomoniasis is not found, therefore the infection by nepoloho contact is unlikely.

Ways of getting in the body trichomoniasis vaginalis

But Trichomonas is less resistant to environmental conditions than, for example, the gonococcus, so napolova transmission of urogenital trichomoniasis is less common than infection with gonorrhea.

Getting into the genitourinary system, vaginal Trichomonas can cause overt or hidden infection. In men, the parasite can exist in the urethra, epididymis, paraurethral passages and prepucialna bag. In the female body mainly affects the urethra, the vagina, the cervical canal.

Sometimes the pathogen into the uterus, causing cystitis or pyelonephritis. The girls develop vulvovaginitis. Despite the fact that the pathogen can exist in several locations, they are all in the genitourinary system.

Signs of urogenital trichomoniasis

In women, the first symptom of the development of urogenital trichomoniasis is an inflammatory process of the vagina and vaginal area of the cervix. Over time can develop vestibuli, endometritis, paraenetic, etc., that already talks about the complication. In girls, the symptoms of trichomoniasis are vaginal inflammation of the vulva and vagina (redness of the vaginal mucosa, secretions).

Urogenital trichomoniasis has an incubation period from 5 days to 2 weeks. If complications arose, for example, in the form of urethritis, patients can experience itching, burning sensation in the urethra due to clumping her jaws. From the urethra may be Muco-purulent secretion in small amount.

Men in the normal course of trichomoniasis may be affected by the rear urethra, prostate, seminal vesicles, epididymis the testes, and in rare cases, the renal pelvis. In case of complications Trichomonas can in large quantities to repopulate the prostate gland. If urogenital trichomoniasis lasts a long time, it can remain scars on the urethra, resulting in its channel narrowed.

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In women, vaginal trichomoniasis is developing brighter signs than men. In most cases, dominated by the signs of vaginitis (redness and small bleeding of the vaginal mucosa, frothy discharge with pus).

With vaginitis may develop urethritis, cervical erosion, endocervicitis, pathology of the vestibular glands. Pathogen detected in large quantities in the uterus, the ovaries. There are studies indicating the impact of urogenital trichomoniasis in complications during gestation (possible risk of preterm birth because of early rupture of the bladder, etc.).

Treatment, diagnosis and prevention

Diagnostic methods based on finding the causative agent of urogenital trichomoniasis in the secretions from the urethra. The most economical, simple and reliable method for diagnosis is light microscopy discharge from the urethra.

In addition to microscopy for the diagnosis using the method of bacterial seeding of the discharge on nutrient medium. This method is good if you suspect a hidden form of trichomoniasis.

In most cases doctors prescribe patients antibiotics in pill form. Women are often prescribed in combination with pills drugs intravaginal use. To strengthen the protective functions of the immune system a doctor can be assigned and immunocorrective medicines.

Early detection and treatment of urogenital trichomoniasis helps to get quick relief from the discomfort caused by the infection. But if you let the disease go, it can lead to fatal complications of male infertility, women have serious problems during pregnancy.

As prevention doctors recommend to use contraception during sexual intercourse, to observe the rules of personal hygiene, regularly undergo preventive examinations by specialists (urologist, gynecologist, venereologist).