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The danger, symptoms and treatment of trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis) in pregnancy

Trichomoniasis infection, which for a long time can occur without symptoms. In this case, the woman is the carrier of Trichomonas. Sometimes she learns about his illness, being in position. After fertilization, trichomoniasis tends to worsen, since in this period the immune system weakens due to the hormonal changes.

But there are other cases where the treatment of trichomoniasis long time does not bring positive result. Then a woman interested in the question: is it possible to get pregnant with trichomoniasis and what consequences it will result?

In any case, trichomoniasis in pregnancy is considered to be extremely undesirable condition, so it is important to cure it before you become pregnant. But if the disease is detected during pregnancy, it is important to know how to treat her before and after giving birth.

The symptoms of trichomoniasis in pregnant women

But if the infection enters the urethra, there is cystitis with cutting pain when urinating. Trichomoniasis in pregnant women as in nonpregnant, can even cause a temperature increase and other signs of General malaise. Also, there is a sharp decrease in libido. Attempt local treatment of trichomoniasis douches, as a rule, lead only to progression of the process.

Dangerous infection

It is known that trichomoniasis during pregnancy does not cause birth defects and deformities. Nevertheless, it often causes inflammation of membranes. And that could be a factor in fetal death, miscarriage or missed abortion. Also often in the third trimester in pregnant women trichomoniasis causes early rupture of water and premature births.

And if you do not pass the minimum treatment candles before birth, the symptoms of trichomoniasis can occur in children. Particularly susceptible to this newborn girls.

Is it possible to get pregnant with trichomoniasis

To get pregnant when the disease is possible. This is confirmed by a large number of cases of detection of symptoms of trichomoniasis in pregnant women. However, if time does not undergo treatment, in the sexual system of women is changing in ways that can interfere with getting pregnant.

First, in the presence of Trichomonas in the vagina dramatically changes the pH of its environment. If it normally slightly acidic, it becomes alkaline. This leads to the fact that the sperm are not active and die before reaching the fallopian tube.

Second, inflammation trichomoniasis in pregnant women from the vagina often moves into the uterus. Because of this, its mucosa is exposed to dystrophic changes. This complicates the implantation of a zygote, which can be difficult to get pregnant.

In addition, if the inflammation develops even in the fallopian tubes, they form over time adhesions. These adhesions may also hinder passage of the egg in the uterus, which often becomes the reason of an ectopic tubal pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant after the disease

Of course, if trichomoniasis is the place to be, it is important to completely eradicate before pregnancy and not just temporarily to get rid of the symptoms. Not to say that the disease goes unnoticed, but to become pregnant after treatment it is possible without any difficulties.

The only complication that occurs quite often, pregnant women early after infection is low attachment or placenta previa.

Due to the fact that the endometrium has traces of inflammatory and degenerative changes after illness, the fertilized egg is implanted not in the region of its bottom, and closer to the neck. Sometimes it is implanted directly into the cervix, completely blocking the exit the child vaginally. Often these complications preclude safe vaginal delivery and necessitate caesarean section.


Upon detection of trichomoniasis in pregnant women before prescribing treatment, the doctor weighs the risks. Because protivotrihomonadnyh drugs are embryotoxic and apply them during pregnancy dangerous.

Most often therapy of trichomoniasis in pregnant women is relief of symptoms and rehabilitation of the birth canal before the estimated date of birth. For this you can apply a local treatment in the form of douches, suppositories and baths. And drugs for internal use is prescribed after birth, and end of feeding, as mother's milk they may also be passed on to the child.