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What are the technique, the indications and conditions for taking a smear for trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is undoubtedly the most common sexual infection of the XXI century. In particular, the disease is referred to as one of many causes of male and female infertility. And if in men, trichomoniasis is clinically manifested rarely, women suffer them developed symptoms. However, complications develop and those and others.

Smear on trichomoniasis is the most simple and accessible method of detection. It was carried out as at preventive visits and in cases of suspected pathology. Smear is also recommended for pregnant women at registration and before the birth.

Indications for analysis

Indications for taking a smear for trichomoniasis is also prolonged absence of the desired pregnancy. PAP for trichomoniasis at any private laboratory or directly at the attending physician.

The conditions of analysis

Smear on the degree of purity is examined not only trichomoniasis, but if you suspect gonorrhea, chlamydia, candidiasis, etc. taking the analysis carried out subject to certain conditions. A woman should not engage in sexual relations and to douche the day before the tests and not to go "small" or " at least 2 hours before the study.

Smear on trichomoniasis taking and men from the urethra. However, it is uninformative due to the small number of bacteria in the urethra.

The technique of taking a smear for trichomoniasis

The technique of taking smears in women trichomoniasis is to collect discharge sequentially from three sites: urethral, cervical canal and vagina. With the aim of obtaining the secretions of the urethra, the physician inserts a finger into the vagina and presses on the front wall. Then introduced into the urethra with a sterile spoon, which is taken material for analysis.

Then the doctor inserts a speculum and visualize the cervix. Of the cervical canal content is also captured by a separate spoon. At the final stage with a cotton swab allocation are collected from the posterior fornix of the vagina.

In the same order in which the material was taken, it is applied on a glass slide. This glass is divided into three areas: U, C and V Respectively under the mark U is applied to the discharge of the urethra, under the mark C – the contents of the cervical canal, and in the field with the letter V – vaginal discharge. For each of these zones have their own standards.

Microscopy for trichomoniasis

Микроскопия мазка на трихомоноз After taking a smear will microscopium in order to identify Trichomonas or other infectious agents. There are two types of strokes: native and stained. Trichomonas usually look for in native smears, since its distinctive feature is the presence of flagella and motility.

The sooner will be producedmicroscopy, the more chances to identify the the simplest. This is because outdoor Trichomonas die quickly, discards the flagella and becomes indistinguishable from other microbes.

The advantages of the smear on the degree of purity:

  • the simplicity and accessibility of the method;
  • the quick result;
  • wide range of detected infections.

Cons smears for trichomoniasis:

  1. uninformative studies in men;
  2. a lack of data in women.

Other research methods

Of course, a smear on flora remains the standard method of gynecological examination. It allows not only to establish the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, but also to identify inflammatory process. But the low sensitivity of the method requires the use of additional research: bacterial crops on nutrient media and serological reactions (PCR).