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Proper prevention of trichomoniasis

Prevention of trichomoniasis is today considered mandatory, because every year more and more people are facing the disease and the number infected is increasing rapidly. Statistics show that today approximately 10% of the world's population ill with trichomoniasis, and every year this figure increases by 170 million people.

What you need to know about trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is an infection which is provoked by the simplest organisms. In this case, the reason for the development of the disease is Trichomonas vaginalis, which quickly affects the mucous membranes located in the vagina, or the mucosa of the urethra.

Statistics show that trichomoniasis is the most common venereal disease today. It is a serious inflammation of the urogenital system. When Trichomonas is being assimilated in the body, it can cause inflammation of the vagina or of the urethra, cystitis. Typically, the Trichomonas is very rarely ingested on their own. In most cases, this microorganism is due to the presence of other pathogenic organisms.

Медикаментозное лечение трихомониаза

It should be noted that most often this disease occurs in women of childbearing age. Sometimes the symptoms are minor, so many may some time not even be aware that they are seriously ill.

Proper prevention

Prevention of trichomoniasis is quite simple and to some extent may resemble that of prevention, which refers to various sexually transmitted infections.

Preventive measures can be divided into three groups:

  1. It is necessary to abandon all casual sexual relations, especially with people who are at risk. This can include drug addicts, prostitutes, people with the wrong sexual orientation. Some experts say that the risk are even the doctors-venereologists who are too work closely with patients, their blood and because of the small professional experience may be careless.
  2. In an extreme case, during the sexual contact must use a condom. Trichomoniasis is one of those diseases that, if barrier contraception is not transmitted to another person. To explain it very simply: the amount of dangerous micro-organism much larger than the pores of the condom.
  3. You should not change their sexual partners. Besides, to avoid infection with a venereal disease, you need to present the mutual loyalty of the partners. Even in the modern world, when adultery is not considered something out of the ordinaryout, this recommendation is still relevant. Should not agree to a casual relationship, because then you will be able to ruin the lives of not only themselves but also their partner.

Of course, as soon as you notice the first symptoms, which may indicate the presence of venereal diseases, should immediately consult a specialist. You must also warn your partner about your suspicions. In such cases, do not immediately blame the sick treason, because there are situations, when trichomoniasis is transmitted and household by.


An interesting point is that infection may not occur immediately after infection. You may have been infected for a long time, but the first symptoms appeared after months or even years. I would like to stress that timely access to a specialist will hold high-quality treatment and efficiency from him will be much higher than if you postpone visit to the doctor.