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How do you get trichomoniasis - the main ways of transmission

Trichomoniasis is a common sexually transmitted disease. This is an infectious disease of the genitourinary system. How is trichomoniasis? The infection is usually sexually transmitted.

It is wrong that this disease suffer only women, handed down through men, without causing them any harm. It is far from the truth – men are also susceptible to the disease, but they can occur completely asymptomatic. But women are all signs of the disease are pronounced.

Trichomoniasis responds well to treatment with antibacterial drugs, but Trichomonas (agents of disease) in their bodies can move through the reproductive tract of dangerous pathogens – chlamydia and gonococci.

As can be infected with trichomoniasis male

In male patients who have trichomoniasis goes unnoticed, the disease is deprived of a bright clinical picture. Symptoms appear a long time after infection. As a result, the man may not even be aware of the disease and do not take adequate measures of prevention and treatment. However, he infects his constant sexual partner or those ladies with whom he had casual relationship.

Male trichomoniasis is transmitted from an infected woman during unprotected sex. While the partners are not always obvious clinical symptoms of the disease.

Transmission of the disease in women

Trichomoniasis is transmitted from an infected person through sexual way. In women with frequent promiscuous sexual acts, the risk of infection is very high. The main route of transmission is sex: how oral and classical.

Localized Trichomonas in sperm and vaginal secretions. Therefore, the sexual way of transmission is the main. The probability of infection during unprotected sex as big men and women.

Infection of the female from an infected male during sex is almost always absolute. The probability of occurrence of trichomoniasis in men after contact with an infected partner is much less. This is due to anatomical and physiological characteristics of the genital organs.

Infection children

вероятность заражения трихомониазом Many parents wonder whether it is possible to transmit venereal disease to the child. Directly in the birth process of transmission of trichomoniasis from woman to child is extremely rare. If it happened, it infected most often the vagina in girls. Much less the baby is affected lung tissue.

Babies are infected at birth during passage of the fetus directly through the birth canal infected with Trichomonas). Not excluded contact with the pathogen duringfetal development. The risk of infection in newborns of the female sex much more than men. This is due to the peculiar structure of the genital organs.

Trichomoniasis can be treated during pregnancy – timely administered treatment gives high performance. Immediately before delivery is necessarily carried out a complete restoration of the vagina to the passage of the child through the birth canal do not have a contact with pathogenic and harmful microorganisms.

If the infection is transmitted through casual

If trichomoniasis is transmitted through everyday? The main method of transmission of a pathogenic agent is considered sex or oral sex, but infected with trichomoniasis and other ways.

So, you can get trichomoniasis in the interaction with any secretions of an infected person: male sperm, vaginal secret. Extremely rare, but still possible infection through blood (isolated cases).

Trichomoniasis, like any sexually transmitted disease, rarely is passed household by. The probability of a household way of infection is minimal, but scientifically it is confirmed. Infected with trichomoniasis can be using things the patient (especially linen), a shared towel or washcloth, if we neglect the basic hygienic rules.

In addition, when household way contact with the pathogenic agent is possible by ingestion of the microorganism on the lid of the toilet, the surface of the bath, tableware, towels and other household items. Especially dangerous from the point of view of microbial contamination are the place of high humidity and warm temperatures, which does not penetrate the direct rays of the sun.

The causative agent of trichomoniasis can survive only in an environment with high humidity, although the period of its life outside the human body small, usually Trichomonas viable for a short time.

Defend against this disease by observing simple hygiene rules. The household way of infection is extremely low percentage of probability. However, when infection with Trichomonas develops by asexual sluggish process that often transformirovalsya in a chronic pathology and is diagnosed very late.

Always keep in mind that the best treatment is prevention. So every woman having regular sex (both protected and unprotected), should know about the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases for their effective prevention.