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The use of candles to treat trichomoniasis

Candles from trichomoniasis are widely used by women in the local treatment of this protozoan infection. But they are effective only in combination with taking the same medication orally. Isolated local therapy can only relieve symptoms of trichomoniasis, but a few weeks later the inevitable happens aggravation.

However, in the complex treatment of vaginal suppositories allowed to act on the pathogen directly, which greatly improves the performance.

How to choose suppositories

To pick up the candles from the trichomoniasis not need the advice of friends, and on the basis of a previously made treatment and laboratory tests. For example, if you had already applied some medication, but the symptoms reappeared, most likely, Trichomonas became resistant to it. So you can use it again is pointless.

To find out what substances the simplest will be the most sensitive, you need to do bacterial culture. He is taken by the physician, and in a week or two when the result is ready, you can choose the appropriate means.

The mechanism of action of the candles

Each suppository contains one or more active substances and auxiliary. Active ingredient acts directly on the pathogenic microbe, disrupting its reproduction. Auxiliary and contribute to the restoration of beneficial bacteria in the vagina.

For example, many vaginal medications as additional components of the applied glucose. It promotes a more active formation in the vagina lactic acid which decreases the pH and contributes to the death of the pathogen. The same function in the composition performs a suppositories and boric acid.

The most effective options

A tool such as metronidazole, is a major in the group of Antiprotozoal drugs. But widespread use by women the majority of Trichomonas show to it resistance. More efficient Ornidazole, which is a derivative of metronidazole. It is part of the candle Omised".

The other common means for local treatment of trichomoniasis in women is Osarbon", the active ingredient of which is acetarsol. Acetarsol contains in its composition of arsenic, but due to the presence in the formulation of glucose it has no General toxic effect. Because glucose, developing with the help of lactobacilli to lactic acid, not only inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic germs, but also prevents the absorption of arsenic in the blood.


In mixed infections (Trichomonas+chlamydia+Gardnerella, etc.) more efficient candles "Neotribal". It is composed of three active substances: antibiotic neomycin, hormoneprednisolone, and the antifungal miconazole. Thus, one and the same drug not only destroys pathogens but also prevents the formation of candidiasis.

General rules of application

Candles from trichomoniasis usually lay for the night. To enter them you as deeply as possible, lying on his back. To interrupt the course of therapy is highly undesirable, even if the discharge and itching disappear. But during menstruation, the use of suppositories inefficiently, so better to start the course immediately after graduation.

"In the treatment of suppository woman, it is important to consider that they may reduce the effectiveness of condoms."


Taking any medicines women in position is not recommended. But given the risk of hepatitis C to the fetus, topical treatment is allowed under supervision of a physician. Such therapy can be carried out only in the second and third trimesters and is excluded in the first third of pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

During pregnancy suppositories for women are the only option since the oral drugs is invalid. Of course, such treatment will not destroy Trichomonas completely, but will significantly reduce the risk of infection of the fetal membranes.