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Syphilis in men - symptoms, signs, manifestations, methods of treatment

Syphilis in men occurs in several periods. First, there is a chancre, which is the first symptom of the disease. 6-8 weeks after the occurrence, he vanishes. Immediately after this, on the body appears abundant rash consisting of red spots, nodules and ulcers, indicating that the onset of the second period.

Such phenomena may occasionally be observed in the next 3-5 years. And if they are not treated, there comes the third terminal phase of the disease, which is characterized by the defeat of all organs of specific tubercles, and Gumm.

The first symptoms of syphilis in men

Oral contacts with the patient's partner primary syphilides may also manifest in the mouth: on the tongue, gums, cheeks, palate or even the tonsils.

The chancre is a round saucer-like ulcer meat color. To the touch it is hard chondroid consistency. The top is covered with white greasy coating, the size does not exceed nickels. Almost always a single chancre, but sometimes there may be some small ulcers next to each other.

This symptom manifests itself in about 20 days after infection on the mucosa and is about 1.5-2 months. A week after his appearance in men increasing the inguinal lymph nodes.

What is syphilis in men in the second period

If the first signs of syphilis to go untreated, soon manifest the symptoms of generalized infection.

At first it may be a feverish state, high temperature, weakness and simultaneous increasing of all lymph nodes. Then the body is covered with abundant small bright red rash. Initially dominated by spots that are due to the characteristic bright colors called roseola. They are located symmetrically and in 2-3 months to disappear completely.

But if you do not get treatment at this stage, recurrences of the rash. They differ already large size of the lesions and fewer. Gross dominated nodules (syphilitic papules) copper color that can peel off. They are arranged without any symmetry, but tend to group in garlands and intricate patterns.

In addition to the papules are symptoms of syphilis in men in this phase of the disease are pustules, pus-filled, alopecia (hair loss) and vitiligo (white spots on the neck).

Signs of advanced stage of disease

If you do not pass the treatment of syphilis at the stage of the rash or it is insufficient, the disease progresses.

Then symptoms of syphilis in men manifest themselves in the internal organs. Skin rash almost completely disappears, however, within the Mature tissue-specific tubercles, and sometimes nodes gum. They disintegrate withthe formation of atrophic ulcers. While there is a significant loss of tissue in the affected area.

So, if a Prefecture located in the nose when it is destructed it can severely deformed. But if it Matures in the language, if its decay is much worse speech. The same thing happens inside the liver, brain, muscles and other organs. Often in tertiary syphilis the collapse of tubercles causing damage to the vessel and massive bleeding, even fatal.

Principles and methods of treatment

If you encounter this suspicious symptom is a chancre, need emergency treatment. And it should not be only local with ointments, but with oral pills and intramuscular injections. During treatment it is important to avoid any intimate contact and intake of alcohol.

If in the first period the patient can be treated at home, with generalized rashes usually the man is in the hospital. Spotted items contain huge amounts of the pathogen, therefore, highly contagious.

For the treatment of syphilis in all periods antibiotics are used. The choice of a particular drug is carried out by the venereal diseases on the basis of cultures and sensitivity of the pathogen.

The most commonly used drugs penicillin, but the detection of Allergy to them are assigned cephalosporins, macrolides etc. Antibiotic therapy is supplemented with Immunostimulants, vitamins and local irrigation sifilide antiseptics.