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Description of the stages and forms of syphilis

Syphilis as a disease may have clinical manifestations stage or proceed without them. In either case, confirm it allows methods of laboratory diagnosis.

In the classical course distinguish 3 periods of syphilis, which consistently follow each other through small "light asymptomatic period". What happens first (primary) stage of syphilis?

The first period of syphilis

After a certain period of time from contact with the sick person, during which the Treponema "settling" in a new organism develops from the first stages of syphilis. Typically, the duration of the incubation period is several weeks to a month. Then there are two possible scenario:

  1. The first option is to have an infected person are no external symptoms, implicitly develops the latent form. The disease is detected by chance during clinical examination or pregnancy.
  2. The infected on the skin or mucous membrane appears ulcerative defect, usually round or oval, painless. In the absence of pain can be seen immediately. The bottom of this "canker smooth and shiny, bright pink, there may be a small amount of discharge, usually slimy, light. On palpation you can feel the density of the edges and bottom, so this ulcerative defect is called a "hard chancre".

Localization of the ulcer may be different:

  • the mucous membrane of the vagina, vulva, cervix in women; penis, scrotum in men;
  • the tonsils and the bottom in the oral cavity, soft palate, lip, tongue;
  • perianal area and rectum;
  • somewhat atypical, but could be a possible localization on the finger, hand, belly, thighs (see figure 1 and 2).

Основные виды поражений органов при сифилисе


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