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Syphilis of the brain: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention

At the moment syphilis of the brain - one of the recurring diseases that cause the man all sorts of mental disorders and the occurrence of side diseases. To deal with this problem man at any age because of the key role played by lifestyle, preferences in intimate questions about the opposite sex. However, this problem can be quite successfully combated. The main rule is to refrain from promiscuity and regular visits to the doctor-venereologist. At least for preventive purposes.

What is syphilis?

Syphilis of the brain - a disease commonly found among people who lead an active sexual life, but do not want to control the possible consequences of such practices. Meanwhile the infection in the body from untested partner, can first be in a state of suspended animation to be felt only at the most inopportune moment. Syphilis in this matter, too, was no exception. Before to prove himself, he goes through several stages of development:

  1. The first stage. Immediately after infection, the infection can slightly Express themselves, without causing any concern of the sick. Typically, people infected with syphilis may complain of loss of sleep and lowering of concentration. All these symptoms are can be attributed to General fatigue of the body, but to eliminate the possibility of the development of syphilis are strongly recommended to visit a doctor.
  2. The second stage. In this form of syphilis already affects the entire nervous system of man and gives himself more characteristic features: irregularity of pupils and a significant increase of tendon reflexes. In addition, the patient may experience constant tension in the occipital region, which does not go away even after sleep. Many patients actively attempt to influence tense muscles with relaxing ointments, however, this practice is unlikely to bring success.
  3. The third stage. This form of syphilis of the brain characterized by its aggressiveness and has a complex effect on the entire body. Ill can deteriorate your memory, manifested nervousness and irritability. Significantly increases the risk of stroke and cerebral vessels, which greatly weakened with the progression of this disease.

Нарушение сна при сифилисе мозга

For these purposes you can use comprehensive drug vitamins, allows you to quickly pull up all the factors of human life to the desired mark.

If the deficiency is not critical, drugdrugs can be completely replaced with various organic vegetables and fruits containing a particular component. And, most importantly, the focus should be solely on seasonal product.

Another most effective way to protect themselves from being infected with syphilis is the perfect observance of all rules of personal hygiene. Of course, personal care is unlikely to serve as a carrier of the disease, but may well contribute to the development of infection, against which in the future will manifest itself, and syphilis.

It should be remembered that syphilis is a venereal disease, the main cause of which is the frequent change of partners, as well as personal preferences, for example, unprotected sex. Your partner, without knowing it, may be a carrier of infection, which he will give sexually.

You should not rely on chance or luck! For their own health should be monitored closely, constantly protecting themselves from negative environmental factors.