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When syphilis is considered to be treated, undertreated and can recur (return)

Bacterial infection – Treponema pallidum (Treponema) – causes syphilis. Infection occurs primarily through sexual contact (97%). In everyday life, the chance of Contracting appears when using personal care items or utensils of the patient. A pregnant woman may transmit the infection to the child.

In the modern world developed effective methods for treatment of the disease with antibiotics. However, some patients are faced with his return. The question arises of the reliability of the treatment. So what are the causes of recurrent syphilis?

When treatment is completed?

Successfully treated syphilis can be determined only by laboratory studies. In the blood (plasma, serum, or CSF) are looking for traces of the treponemes, their DNA or antigens to infection.

Distinguish nonspecific (RPR and RW) and specific (REEF, PHA, RIBT, RW treponemal antigen) serological tests. First – in cases of treated syphilis will be negative, and the latter after once the disease remain positive for life. If RPR - RW-analyses do not show the presence of treponemes and their traces, the patient is completely cured.

Untreated syphilis

Doctors warn about the three stages of the disease. And if the first show signs of infection, then the second may not be. The absence of symptoms is able to enter the patient astray. The result is barely starting treatment, and then noticing the absence of inflammation of the lymph nodes, rashes or ulcers, patients stop taking the drugs. That could end very sad.

Hidden (latent) for syphilis will lead to a third – incurable stage when irreversible affects all organs and the brain.

The danger of untreated syphilis in the fact that no obvious symptoms, the person continues to infect others. To avoid the recurrence of the disease is possible only after completing a full course of treatment and evidence recovery laboratory.


Positive reactions of RPR and RW after completion of the course of treatment for shocked patients. The problem faced whenever circumstances require check blood for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

If the first medication had received negative test results, and for several years they remained so, it is safe to talk about recovery. Indicators RPR+ RW and+ indicate re-infection with syphilis.

A new infection may occur in the treatment process, when a fresh batch of treponemes in the body begins the process with the formation of chancre on the background of already existing rash. Casesof reinfection is very difficult to treat.

Unfortunately, humans have not immunity to the pale Treponema. Every time unprotected sex with an infected will lead to re-infection.

The risk of a return of the infection

Relapses of syphilis without timely and complete treatment lead to serious complications. From sexually transmitted infection initially suffer the skin, mucous membranes and hair. Later, the disease destroys the vocal chords, heart, lungs, kidneys and brain. In infants infected from their mothers, often discover defects that were not compatible with life.

Severe consequences can be avoided if, heeding the voice of reason, to abandon casual sex, and in cases of infection – patiently undergo treatment until complete recovery.