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How does syphilis of the skin - rash, white spots, "Venus"necklace

The rash of syphilis are sometimes the only manifestation of this infectious disease. They make the patients smell a rat and go to the doctor. Also, the presence of white and red skin rash (the necklace of Venus) should caution against joining with a man in contact. And therefore know the main features of the cutaneous manifestations of syphilis and be able to distinguish them from other dermatologic problems will be useful to everyone.

The impact of syphilis on the skin

Usually such a lesion is localized on the mucous membranes of the genitals, anus or mouth. And of cutaneous manifestations in this period and did not. The only exceptions are those cases when the skin has a damage, in this case, chancre occurs in this place.

Characteristic cutaneous manifestations (multiple polymorphic rash that does not hurt and does not itch) occur only in the second period, approximately 3 months after infection. It was at this time the patient is especially contagious, because every element of the rash contains a large number of pale treponem. As a result, he transmits syphilis is not only his sexual partner but also in the home other family members through the Laundry and the dishes.

In the terminal tertiary period the rash remains, but it is much smaller and items contain fewer of the pathogen. At this time the disease mostly develops in the internal organs. The skin may manifest only a few gum and tubercles, which ulcerate and become involved in scarring with loss of tissue.

Chancre on the skin

Despite the fact that a chancre is more likely to occur on mucous membranes, characterized by the location on the skin of the labia, scrotum, or on the lip. In rare cases of infection of medical staff from patients, the chancre may appear on the hands between the fingers. It looks like a single dark red round ulcer the size of a small coin. The lesion is painless and has a firm cartilaginous basis.

The rash of secondary syphilis

At this time, the rash of syphilis first appears on exposed parts of the body and becomes visible to others. It is characterized as true or false polymorphism.

The first is that the rash is not uniform: among them you may notice spots, nodules and purulent pustules. The falsity of polymorphism is that all the elements appear simultaneously, which are in different stages of development. It is also noteworthy that the lesions do not leave scars and periodically disappear and then reappear.

The first episode of the generalized rash called fresh secondary syphilis, followed by its recurrence. The main differencesbetween them lie in:

  • the number and size of the items;
  • the predominance of a certain type elements;
  • the nature of the location;
  • the propensity to merge;
  • the presence of peeling;
  • the color of the rash.

The difference between fresh and re-rash

Fresh eruptions consist mainly of spots (Macul). They are small and multiple. Have a bright red color, so they are also called roseola. The spots do not merge, do not peel and are localized symmetrically.

With repeated episodes of rash already represented mainly by nodules (papules), which are larger compared to the size of the spots. They are more dark (copper) shade and can peel off in the periphery. Papules rise above the skin level and is able to merge into plaques. Recurrence is also characterized by the formation of all patterns of papules.

In addition to the nodules and roseola of secondary syphilis is manifested by pustules. Pustules is similar to a regular pimple with a purulent head. After her rejection no trace remains. Pustular syphilides are more typical for recurrent process. Another hallmark of syphilis is vitiligo on the neck and shoulders.

Necklace of Venus: syphilitic leukoderma

If you re rash often on the back of the neck and shoulders is formed syphilitic leukoderma. This white spots on the background of the overall hyperpigmentation (darkening) of the skin, named after the goddess of love Venus. They are a chain, why remind a necklace. This symptom often observed in women and associated it with the spread of the syphilitic process in the nervous system.

Distinguish the spotted leukoderma, when the lesion is composed of some small white spots, lace, as the spots merge with each other. Exist vitiligo may months and years, but because the particular location for a long time there imperceptible to the patient.

If the rash itches

What distinguishes the rash of syphilis from other skin rashes, is the total absence of itching. Although some patients claim that it itches. But this feeling arises in them only at the level of the psyche, because apparently the rash is very similar to allergic symptoms. It is the absence of itching of the syphilides is distinguished from dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes and signs of childhood infections (chickenpox, rubella, measles).