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Looks like the syphilis (symptoms)?

Syphilis is an infectious disease, sexually transmitted diseases, which is the causative agent Treponema pallidum, but not everyone knows what it looks like syphilis. The disease progresses for a long time, on the last stage leads to severe damage of the skin, mucous membranes, internal organs, cartilage and bone tissues. Infection with syphilis can occur equally in men and women. The first signs appear after a few weeks after infection. Nowadays, the disease of syphilis is gaining momentum in the progression. The growth of zarahemla has increased over the last twenty years five times.

How infection occurs

Infection is mainly through physical contact with an infected person during unprotected sexual contact (anal, vaginal, oral). Extremely contagious, patients with ulcers on the genitals or in the mouth. At a single physical location with an infected, the probability to get infected is about 40%. In the main group of risk people leading promiscuous.

During pregnancy syphilis in women leads to infection of the fetus. This method of infection is called vertical. You can become infected through blood transfusion, while using joint toothbrushes, razors, syringes. Household way of infection is extremely unlikely.

The incubation period of the disease runs from two to five weeks.

Syphilitic chancre is the first symptom of syphilis. It manifests itself after a period of incubation. It occurs where there was the introduction of the causative agent of syphilis.

Консультация врача при подозрении на сифилис

The first stage of syphilis occurs after an incubation period. The first symptom is the appearance of the chancre. At this stage, symptoms may go unnoticed. The moment of transition to the second stage, the chancre disappears completely and in its place leaves a scar.

The second stage is changes in the deeper layers of the skin and appearance of rash. They can appear on the face, body, armpits, mucous membranes. Rash of deep red color, not itchy. These rashes are characterized by high transmissibility. The second stage lasts for a couple of weeks.

The third stage of the disease due to lesions in internal organs, bone and cartilage. At this stage the lesions are hard bumps that do not cause pain. In the center of the rash develops necrosis. Affects the Central nervous system, the brain. The patients have a mental disorder.

In the last stages, the disease occurs equally in men and women. The differences may be only in the first stage, whena chancre is formed on the genitals. Men may experience blood spotting from the urinary canal, seal penis. Women in the formation of the chancre in the cavity of the vagina signs of infection are completely absent, define them only during a pelvic examination.

The treatment of syphilis

Diagnosis and treatment of syphilis are appointed by the dermatologist, if you suspect syphilis you should immediately contact the STI clinic. Laboratory study on RW (Wasserman) will be able to determine the presence of Treponema pallidum in a blood not earlier than 2 weeks after completion of the incubation period.

The treatment administered for a long period. If syphilis is detected in the first phase, the treatment lasts two to three months, with the development of the second phase of treatment lasts for several years. Any sexual relations during therapy is prohibited. Prevention shows and family members in contact with the infected. Recovery is not due to the disappearance of disease symptoms and laboratory results.

The main treatment drugs of some penicillins. Pale Treponema very sensitive to antibiotics penicillin group. In addition to the antibiotics used Immunostimulants, vitamins. In the household of an infected family member must use individual items: kitchenware, linens, towel, soap and personal hygiene products. You also need to avoid physical contact. Unlike many other infectious diseases, syphilis does not give sustained immunity and recover from the person may again become infected. Female syphilis is especially dangerous for the nulliparous. For girls who have had syphilis for pregnancy planning, you need regular checkups during planning and during pregnancy, to avoid congenital syphilis in the child. To complete recovery planning for pregnancy is prohibited.

Vaccine against this disease no, the only method of prevention of syphilis safe sex.

Unprotected sexual contact as the emergency need to very carefully wash the genitals and surrounding area with soap and water, you also need to treat them with antiseptics.

Traditional methods of therapy

No self-treatment or traditional medicine will not help the patient to recover. It is not only useless but also extremely dangerous. The disease will progress that may lead to irreversible consequences.

As a complement to medical treatment assigned to the patient in the STI clinic, you can use some traditional recipes. The main ingredients used garlic, red wine, juicehawthorn, aloe leaf juice, onions, honey and oats.


The disease cannot be determined independently. If in any doubt you should immediately seek medical help. Rapid and timely diagnosis of the disease gives 100% guarantee for recovery.