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Is it possible to cure syphilis completely

Syphilis is the most dangerous sexually transmitted infection. The causative agent of the disease is Treponema pallidum, which, when ingested, can affect various organs, systems, especially the CNS (Central nervous system).

Many people today are interested in, is it possible to cure syphilis completely? Even 100 years ago, the disease was fatal for most infected.

The answer is Yes. In our days, fortunately, has already developed a large number of effective drugs, so timely therapy ensures complete recovery.

How is the infection

Treponema pallidum, most often the body to penetrate at the time of unprotected intercourse. Also recorded cases of infection through blood transfusion. Rarely, but it happens that an infected pregnant woman transmits the infection to the fetus.

Contact method (with the kiss on the cheek, shaking hands, etc.) to get almost impossible, as this pathogen is killed instantly in the open air. The assertion that syphilis is curable, it is absolutely correct, but the duration of treatment and dosage of the drugs depends on the degree of development of pathology.

The symptoms of the first stage

This infection is dangerous because its very difficult to see, especially in the early stages of development. The incubation period ranges from 2 to 6 weeks, despite the fact that at this time pale Treponema is already actively propagated throughout the body.

In the initial stages of the disease the following symptoms:

  1. With the tight bottom of a small ulcer (chancre) or on the glans penis or in the mouth or in the area of the vulva or anus – all depends on the location of infection.
  2. 7-14 days there is an increase next to terrymannfan lymph nodes (submandibular, inguinal).
  3. For 1-1,5 months the ulcers healed, with no visible signs of infection remains.

Is insidious disease in that its initial stages occur completely painless. Therefore, infected patients do not seek medical attention on time, which complicates the condition and greatly extend the course of therapy.

The second stage

This period can last from 2 to 5 years after healing of primary sores. With fixed rash on different parts of the body in the form of stars pale pink hue. The rash is accompanied by an increase throughout the body lymph nodes, deterioration of General health, fever, genital warts grow.

The third stage

Tertiary syphilis affects the nervous system (and thus suffers brain) and causes:

  • disorders of vision and hearing;
  • acute depression;
  • paralysis;
  • crazy.

The patient underskin grow nodes, which grow and reveal. This produces an open ulcer, penetrating to the bone tissue, causing irreversible deformations of the skeleton.

To date, the syphilis in the third stage, practically does not occur, as modern drugs can kill the infection much earlier.

Curable if the disease

As mentioned above, syphilis is curable, and completely. The speed of getting rid of this disease depends on the stage of infection and the General condition of the patient.

If the patient is timely appealed to the venereal diseases, for the full recovery will take about 2-3 months. A later stage of the disease require therapy for 1.5-2 years.

Treatment is appointed in each case individually. The course of therapy should be monitored for venereal disease.

Primary syphilis treatment is the antibiotic penicillin, and the drug is administered to the patient every 3 hours for 3 weeks or more (if necessary).

If the patient revealed an Allergy to penicillin, use of other drugs. At an early stage particularly effective "Sumamed". When you receive this antibiotic in the tissues of the body rapidly reaches high concentration, acting prolongirovanne and staying in the affected areas for 5 days.

If diagnosed with syphilis, the patient is strictly forbidden to have any sexual contact for the duration of the therapy unless it is clearly established that infection in the body left.

Prevention of infection

It should be remembered that immunity to syphilis the body does not produce, therefore the one who got sick once, might get infected again. To avoid this, it is recommended to avoid casual sex and use a condom.

The success of the treatment depends on that time you asked for help to the venereal diseases and how precisely abide by the recommendations of a specialist.