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The incubation period of syphilis in men and women - after some time the disease appears

The period from penetration of the pathogen of syphilis before the onset of the first clinical signs in medicine is called incubation. At this time pale Treponema successfully propagated to the point of entry. Moreover, to determine whether the disease is at this point extremely difficult.

How many times is manifested syphilis

Treponema pallidum - the causative agent of syphilis.

The duration of the incubation period can range from 2 weeks to six months. The average duration is 3 weeks. In some situations, there is an increase (up to 120-180 days) or shortening of this period (8-10 days). Men and women the disease develops equally fast.

The reasons for lengthening the incubation period of syphilis:

  • The administration of antibacterial drugs during this period. Treatment of other infections with antibiotics leads to the masking of syphilis and slowing the development of the pathogen.
  • A low level of reactivity of patient's organism on the background of long-term current diseases accompanied by weakening of the immune system.
  • Old age patients.

The reasons for the shortening of the incubation period:

  1. Two or more foci of penetration of Treponema pallidum.
  2. The presence of other genital infections.
  3. Superinfection – re-infection.

The first sign of the disease is the chancre – specific education on-site implementation of the pathogen.

Ways of infection

There are several mechanisms of transmission:
  • Sex – more than 97% of all cases of infection occurs through sexual contact. Transmission of the pathogen can be carried out using traditional sex and Priaralie-genital or anal contact.
  • The household path is less than 1% of cases. The pathogen can be transmitted through personal care items or when visiting public baths, saunas. Low probability of infection through casual due to the poor resistance of the pathogen in the environment – he dies in a few hours.
  • Through the blood. A blood transfusion from a patient with syphilis healthy person can cause infection. More often, however, the syphilis infected addicts when using non-sterile syringes.
  • Vertical path. Syphilis can infect the mother of his child through blood, during birth when passing them birth canal or through breast milk.

Contagious initial stage of the disease

The answer is simple – Yes! Regardless of how long the incubation period, the person is a potential vector of infection.

The main danger men and women, leading a promiscuous sexuallife. Because the incubation period can infect a large number of people. It was noted even before the outbreak of syphilis. Therefore, after identifying the disease, you should conduct a survey of all sexual partners of the patient.

As the diagnosis

If you had unprotected sex with a partner, in the reliability which you are not sure the situation should be treated with the utmost seriousness – as to the alleged contamination. And necessarily need to be tested! You should know that none of the methods of diagnosis does not guarantee 100% accuracy.

In the simplest case of suspected syphilis in yourself after a diagnosis of a sex partner. But, unfortunately, this method has many disadvantages – not always the partner is happy to report the disease.

The most accurate method of diagnosis incubation period is PCR – polymerase chain reaction, in which the biological tissue (in men semen or blood, in women in the smear from the vagina or blood) detected by the DNA of the pathogen.

In his diagnose is based upon the positive results of ELISA test and the causative agent.

Since the accuracy of each method is from 90 to 98%, when combined we can talk about 100% reliability of the diagnostic results.

Treatment of diseases at an early stage

Through what time after infection have not found the disease to be treated – it is necessary! The sooner, the less complications.

When you assign a specific treatment you can even avoid the development of primary syphilis, and especially its complications.

At the moment the treatment does not require hospitalization – all events possible to conduct ambulatory and anonymously. The duration depends on the scheme leczenia, but usually no more than 1-2 weeks. Be sure after treatment you need to retake the tests to verify that the disease has passed.