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Might look like a chancre in men and women

Such infection, as syphilis, have long been studied far and wide, ranging from the causative agent and transmission to treatment. But still it remains fairly common throughout the world both among men and among women. This is especially true of countries with a low level of life, where people know little about contraception.

The spread of the disease also contributes to the fact that the infected in the primary period does not notice the chancre is the only symptom. Because of this, it continues to infect their partners for at least another 1.5 months until the rash on the body. To avoid this, it is important to know how does the syphilitic chancre in men and women.

The appearance of the chancre

Lose looks like a round ulcer with a raised edge of red to 1 cm in diameter. To the touch it is firm (like cartilage), and absolutely painless, why not causes infected much concern. Syphiloma can allocate a serous exudate, which looks shiny.

2 weeks after the appearance of a painless ulcer of the observed increase in nearby lymph nodes, which also does not cause unpleasant sensations.

The chancre on the genitals

When traditional sexual contacts of primary syphilides appear on the genitals. In men it is the glans penis, his body, foreskin and scrotum. In women the area of small and large lips, Clit and vagina. If the chancre is situated deep in the vagina, it is generally may be invisible. In gay and alternative contacts solid syphiloma men and women can be seen in the mouth or on the mucous membrane of the anus.

Primary syphilides other sites

Mouth rash can be in the region of the hard palate, in the cheeks, on the gums or tongue. In the language of the lesion often has a slit-like shape, as hiding in the longitudinal folds of the mucosa. But when the expansion is clearly visible oval ulcer with raised edges. When placed in your mouth it can cause a feeling of tightness and foreign body, but the pain was not in place.

In the anus syphiloma often causes bleeding. And when placed inside the rectum completely invisible.

Atypical forms

In addition to traditional ulcer forms solid syphiloma men and women sometimes appears atypical. This includes the following forms:

  • edematous form;
  • amygdala;
  • panaris.

In the first period of syphilis may be dense (induratum) tissue swelling, when the sexual organs increased in 2-4 times. When the chancre-Treponema pallidum amigdalite is embedded in the region of the tonsils, when the primary syphilis is very difficult to distinguish from angina. And syphiliticpanaris typical for doctors who are infected by the sick. Syphiloma is localized to the phalanges.