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How to know the symptoms, signs and treat mycoplasmosis (Mycoplasma) in men

Mycoplasma in men is considered a normal part of the flora of the reproductive system. Along with Candida, and Gardnerella in small quantities Mycoplasma can be present in the urethra of healthy men without causing any symptoms. However, a sharp drop in immunity or exposure to infected women can lead to activation of the microbe. He begins to multiply rapidly, to hit the epithelium of the urethra, causing inflammation.

However, if the organism is still found in the analyses of men for treatment is a drug that acts simultaneously on primary infection, and Mycoplasma.

How does the Mycoplasma in men

No specific symptoms microbe causes. As with other infections, a man might be bothered by a slight discharge from the urethra, redness of the foreskin and pain at the end of urination. These symptoms may disappear and appear again when the immune system of the patient will once again fall. If the pathogen enters the bladder and prostate, likely to develop frequent false urge to the toilet and pulling pain in groin and lower abdomen.

Trigger mycoplasmosis can sexual contact with a female carrier of this microorganism. The symptoms appear in 1-2 weeks, which corresponds to the incubation period.

However, the symptoms of Mycoplasma can be in no way associated with sexual life. For example, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and chronic stress provokes the activation of Mycoplasma. Often the signs of mycoplasmosis are developing on the background of other acute illnesses or use of immunosuppressive drugs.

Mycoplasmosis in combination with other sexual infections in men often cause consequences such as prostatitis, cystitis, vesiculitis and orchitis. In the absence of timely treatment, these diseases can lead to the impossibility of producing healthy, active sperm.

In addition, the Mycoplasma reduces mobility and impairs men's sex cells, reducing the likelihood of conception. That is why those couples who can not conceive a child after the treatment of mycoplasmosis are usually happy parents.

Treatment options

Therapy of Mycoplasma infections in men do only together with your partner, even if she has no signs of inflammation. Otherwise, in subsequent contacts the organisms once again fall into the urethra men.

Of course, during treatment should refrain from sex or, at least, use a condom. And given the fact that the destruction of Mycoplasma is mainly used antibiotics, should strictly exclude alcohol and spicy foods andsmoked.

Selection of chemicals is carried out on the basis of sensitivity of the microbe. But the difficulty lies in the fact that the Mycoplasma does not grow on ordinary nutrient media, in connection with what to explore on it, the effect of different antibiotics is not possible. Therefore, the choice of medication is based on the fact than he treated the patient previously. For example, if a year ago the man was treated for pneumonia with Amoksiklava", this antibiotic is not used, because the Mycoplasma may be resistant to it.

In the treatment of mycoplasmosis is also the use of penicillins and cephalosporins, as they are ineffective against mycoplasmas. Preference is given to Azithromycin, Doxycycline and tetracycline.

Because mycoplasmosis very rarely develops independently, the choice of medication is performed in view of concomitant infections. For greater effect, and prevent the return of symptoms antibiotic therapy is complemented with the stimulation of the immune system. For this purpose, preparations with interferon and multivitamins.

Local treatment

In addition to the basic treatment pills Mycoplasma infections must be treated and Supplement local funds. These include solutions for lavage of the urethra and urethral sticks (candles). In their structure can include the same active ingredients, changing only the method of use. Urethral suppository inserted at night after urination to prolong the effect.

If mycoplasmosis in men combined with trichomoniasis, often for its effective treatment used prostate massage. This method is carried out with the purpose of stimulation of yield of juice prostate, which contains a large number of the pathogen.

To treat mycoplasmosis also locally made using methods of physiotherapy, primarily electric and phonophoresis. They will help to quickly relieve the symptoms of urethritis, will provide better access of the drug and increase the effectiveness of therapy.

Restorative therapy

Any use of antibiotics is fraught with consequences in the form of candidiasis or gardnerellosis. Therefore, to treat Mycoplasma need simultaneous appointment of antifungal drugs such as Clotrimazole, Miconazole, Nystatin, etc.

In addition, to prevent symptoms of dysbiosis of the digestive tract throughout the treatment, we recommend taking the bio kefir or sourdough with bifidobacteria. Instead, they can be purchased at the pharmacy bifidobacteria in capsules, for example, "Bifiform" or "Bifidumbacterin". Not superfluous will be and taking medications to protect the liver ("Hepabene", "Essentiale").