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What is jaundice and hepatitis when it occurs?

Jaundice is a what is hepatitis? This question arises in many people who heard the word. Jaundice is usually called hepatitis A and B.

What is the infectious disease?

Hepatitis a - viral disease that violate the liver. The major symptom is a yellow color of the skin of the patient. This is due to the increased production of bilirubin and released into the blood. Hepatitis a is both typical and atypical. At a typical just observed staining of the skin. The atypical form may be asymptomatic, staining of the skin was observed. The disease can occur in the light (found in most of the cases), medium (30% of cases) and severe (very rare) degree.

The infectious disease usually ends in complete recovery, liver function after treatment completely restored. In rare cases, you may develop mild hepatomegaly. The incubation period of the virus lasts about a month, which is why the first symptoms appear only after this time. The main symptoms of hepatitis A are: digestive disorders, nausea, pain in the right side, fever, change in urine color. After some time there, and the main symptom: the staining of the skin and sclera yellow. The stool becomes colorless. At this point, the General condition of the patient may improve.

Симптомы гепатита В

Important role in the treatment is diet. It is recommended to eat dairy products, lean meats, fish, eggs. The lack of fat in the body fill with vegetable oils and butter. The diet is necessary to enter potatoes, cereals, pasta, fresh vegetables and fruit, natural juices. You need to refuse from fatty and fried foods, beans, spicy food, pork, and mushrooms.

What is hepatitis b?

Also it is considered that jaundice is hepatitis (a disease caused by a virus type). This is a more dangerous form of hepatitis that can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. To prevent the disease is possible through vaccination, giving a guarantee of up to 95%. Outside the body the virus is up to 7 days. He remained active throughout this time. The incubation period averages 3 months. This type of virus belongs to the sexually transmitted infections. Malaria is endemic among intravenous drug users. You can become infected and when visiting the dentist, during surgery, tattooing, use of common razors at the Barber's, etc.

In some cases the acute phase of the disease are asymptomatic, however, may be pronounced the symptoms: yellow eyes and skin, black color urine, fatigue,abdominal pain and vomiting. In some cases, hepatitis b can lead to acute liver failure and death.

The main symptoms of hepatitis b are similar to signs of other types of this disease, so to identify it without analysis is impossible. Detection of hepatitis b based on the detection of blood antigen HbsAg. The presence of an antigen HBeAg indicates that all the physiological fluid of the patient is very contagious. The presence of these antigens in the blood is considered the main indicator of the risk of cancer and liver cirrhosis.

Specific treatment for acute hepatitis b does not exist. All therapeutic measures are aimed at filling lost with vomiting and diarrhea nutrients and fluids. The chronic type of the disease is treated with antiviral drugs that can prevent the development of cirrhosis and cancer, increasing the chances of long, full lives. However, antiviral medicines often only suppress the activity of the virus, not destroying it. Therefore, treatment is for life.

The primary means of prevention is timely vaccination.

Vaccination is recommended immediately after birth. The best option is truhtanova vaccination, in which the first dose is given at birth, subsequent together with a standard vaccine against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. Prevent infection by thorough checking of the donor blood before transfusion, eliminating unsafe and unnecessary injections. Don't forget about barrier methods of contraception when sexual intercourse with an unfamiliar partner.