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Causes, symptoms and treatment of chronic hepatitis

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. She is responsible for the formation of bile and cleansing the blood from toxic substances. Chronic hepatitis is a liver disease in which the disease occurs locally in certain areas of the body and spreads through the liver entirely.

In ICD 10 chronic hepatitis refers to diseases of the digestive organs, namely the liver.

Any liver disease, especially chronic hepatitis, leads primarily to disruption of the main "filter" of the body. As a result of harmful substances, toxins, poisons and allergens to freely move to other organ systems and can lead to serious diseases.

The types of the disease

There are several types of this disease:

  • viral hepatitis: has many varieties, have the appearance of the inflammatory process in the liver may be accompanied by severe diseases such as syphilis, AIDS, rubella, herpes, Lassa fever, and others;
  • toxic hepatitis occurs when the excessive ingestion of various poisons: alcohol, chemical toxins, harmful effects of drugs;
  • radiation hepatitis;
  • autoimmune hepatitis.

Цирроз печени после хронического гепатита

The treatment of the disease is necessarily accompanied by a special diet. Depending on the stage of progression, you need a partial or full restriction of fat intake. Completely excluded from the diet legumes, fried foods with the presence of hot spices, garlic and onions, canned and pickled products, especially with a marinade based on vinegar.

Drug treatment aimed at maintaining remission and freedom from the causes of the disease (virus, toxins, allergens). The patient required wide vitamin therapy, with the obligatory consumption of b and C vitamins, and folic and Niacin.

In the treatment of illness and various prescribed drugs based on hormones, and adjuvants.

It is possible to treat chronic hepatitis and at home using different herbs and plants used to prepare tinctures and decoctions. Very effective in the treatment is following the recipe. Take 10 g of fruits of caraway and fennel, buckthorn bark and peppermint leaves. Herbs are mixed with 20 g of yarrow, 20 g of centaury. Next, take 1 tbsp of the mixture and pour 150 ml of boiling water and put in a warm place. The steeping time is 2 hours. After the time the infusion should strain and take 3 times a day before meal 50 g

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